Goals For The New Season

I hope that in this year to come you make mistakes. If you make mistakes, you’re doing something – Neil Gaiman.

As soon as the leaves turn crisp and float to the ground and children return to school, young adults to university and college, there is an air for setting brand new academic goals to see them through to May. These goals are different to the kind they set on the very first day of the year. They don’t vow to lose weight, or quite smoking, or doing something more. Instead, these goals are very much to do with how the school year is going to turn out; what experiences they are going to grab hold of in order to further themselves and their education. There are promises to hand in assignments early; to read every single book on the reading list; to attend every class. I broke plenty of those rules every single year of my degree, but I still got through it. I still passed, and I still had a fantastic time doing it.

I was thinking about all of this, and the excitement of new uniforms, coats, pencil cases and bags for the “back to school” mode. It got me to thinking what I want to achieve with the rest of my year. I am already excited for the months ahead. I already have my very own reading list. I am waiting to get paid to buy that autumn/winter wardrobe, and I am looking forward to living through every final moment that 2018 has to offer, without sounding a little bit morbid. These goals are personal jolts of victory to see me through to the end of the year. Besides, it is never too late for a new goal, and it doesn’t need a change of digit to change your path either.


Yep, I only have eleven more books to read to complete my target of thirty. I am currently reading book twenty, but it is taking me a little while to get the swing of it. I keep getting distracted by Netflix. The whole reason why I set myself an actual goal this year was so that I would keep track of all the reading I do. I can never remember the exact stories I read over the months, and I want to remember and appreciate each one this year.


Lately, I’ve been extremely lax in the blogging department. Blog posts have been sparing, whilst I have tried to concentrate on other aspects such as Instagram (which is not worth the effort at the moment) and other projects. I have set myself a goal of at least ten posts per month, just to keep it in the double digits and keep churning out content, but great content. I don’t want to throw up any old rubbish that I have definitely done in the past. I cringe at some of the imagery, but I refuse to take it down because that is what I created at that time. I like to see the change and advancement (I hope) as the years have gone by.


Blogtober and Blogmas are big ideas for the community and as much as I adore other people’s content, and praise them for it, and wish I could be as productive, organised and talented, I simply don’t have the time for it this year. And I am not making the time for it either. Everyone knows that it is retail’s busiest season, which means it is my busiest time of year too. I won’t be burning the candle at both ends until I cry from exhaustion, but I will be loving every second of other people’s journey instead.


I’m debating whether to let the cat out of the bag when it is finally done. Believe me, I am nearly finished! I have a specific time frame to complete this project of mine – at least the first part of it. It has taken up so much of my time and I have loved creating this piece of work. It’s been an absolute joy – hard, but fun. I give myself another three weeks. So, maybe stay tuned.


I have so many travel plans for next year already. London, Lisbon and Ireland being just three of them happening in the early months of the year. I love thinking about travel and talking about travel, even UK travel. I will be heading to the countryside again next month, and there is a lot planned. I plan to be as creative as I can be whilst I’m there too, so that I have visual diaries of almost every aspect for when I am sharing the memories online.


I say this all the time, and I never do it. I have an inner fear of letting others down which means I tend to take a little backseat in my own life. It doesn’t sit well with me or my loved ones, but we’re all only human. I will try and take time for myself in more ways than I am doing. Getting in bed and watching hours of Netflix does help sometimes. I hope that by the end of the year, I will have successfully put more of my own needs first, as well as still being a good friend, daughter, sister and person.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year? Or, are you taking each day as it comes? Let me know!

Love, Faye xo


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