Why It Is Important To Take A Day Off

It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life – Paulo Coelho.

By a day off, I mean no blogging, no thinking about blogging, no social media worries, no to do lists, no nothing. A full day off. I am writing this as a note to myself, but if you take any advice from this too, that is a bonus. I am the kind of person who writes to do lists of to do lists. Days off from work mean getting my own stuff done, like blog posts, photographs for Instagram, editing, writing, and even reading can turn into a chore when I have a target in my head as well as an everlasting need to write book reviews for the blog. And so, the vicious circle continues. Even my favourite pastime can sometimes turn into something a little more tedious.

Perhaps it is just me who thinks like this, but I do know that many bloggers out there do this whilst working full time jobs, over weekends and late into the evenings. Let’s face it, blogging eats into our time like a hungry monster and we cannot get enough of it. I love blogging, don’t get me wrong. However, sometimes I just need a day where I don’t open the laptop, or even look at my phone other than read messages and laugh at memes.

The other day, I had plans to get some writing done, a big chunk of it. That didn’t happen. In fact, none of my mental to do list occurred. Instead, all I did was eat, watch videos on YouTube and read about half of my current read (before I had to go into work late – not the point). I did all of this in my pyjamas and dressing gown, mostly under a blanket. It was exactly what I needed. Take today for instance; I am writing this, but I’ve also read, eaten brunch out with Mum and been shopping. Law and Order is currently on the telly, too.

We need days off to completely relax our brains, especially when it comes to creativity. If we take hours away from our projects, work, or otherwise, we return to the project with a new spark in our eyes and a new strength of will in our mind. This is what I try to tell myself every time I think I need to write one more blog post, or one more paragraph, or take another photo. It is hard, but it is vital to living a balanced life. Besides, if we don’t live our lives, what on earth do we have to blog about?

Even, if you are not a blogger, and social media does not consume every moment of your life, you can apply this mini bite of advice to absolutely anything and everything in life. You are not put on this earth to simply go round and round in the hamster wheel to only survive it. We are meant to actually enjoy living, whether that is something as relaxing as reading a book, or as thrilling as skydiving over oceans or fields. As long as you take time for yourself and your friends and family, away from to do lists and the cogging of your brain, you will be happier, more relaxed and more fulfilled.

Tell me honestly, how many days per week, or per month, do you genuinely take for yourself? Or, are you always on the go, with another project, another aim, and another to do list to get through?

Love, Faye xo


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