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I love things that are indescribable, like the taste of an avocado or the smell of a gardenia – Barbara Streisand.

I am going a little old-school blogging with this one, similar to my review about The Viking and Melbourne’s The Vineyard. Nowadays, reviewing a restaurant or simply talking about your favourite place to eat is reserved for 140 characters or an caption on Instagram. I feel like this local favourite deserves an entire blog post in dedication, and I have a lot of photos to share too.

The Marino Lounge has been in New Brighton for a good few years now. It feels like it has always been there, stationed as a place for celebration of the school holidays, Christmas dinners, family breakfasts, birthday lunches and everything in between. With its dark décor, stunning art and combination of wooden chairs and leather couches, it is the ideal place to relax and wind-down, or get the party started. There is a book corner for all those readers, lone-travellers and students who need to study in a place that doesn’t smell stale, or look grey. There are games and cards for the entire family. The bar is stocked with cocktails, liquors, beers and light drinks. And, the kitchen is always booming. This is a place for everyone, no matter what age, who you are with, or what your occasion is. Bonus – it’s dog-friendly too.

Let’s start with the food – the most important thing about any restaurant, café or lounge. Between breakfast and late lunchtime, I have my go-to meal: avocado brunch with chorizo. It is not only a simple avocado on toast. Oh, no. You get chopped avo, chopped tomatoes, a poached egg, toasted ciabatta, pepper and chilli sprinkled across the top. Plus, get any added extras you want. My choice is always the chopped chorizo. It is that bit of extra spice that avocado needs to make it the tastiest brunch you could ever have.

Breakfast is served all day – ideal for those afternoons of raging hangovers after a morning spent in bed, and the burgers, paninis and tapas are full of plates of variety. I do miss some of the old dishes: chorizo hash was my all-time go-to a couple of years ago. Chopped chorizo, chopped potatoes, tomatoes and a fried egg in a bowl was incredible on a Sunday morning. Bring it back! The range of burgers are limited to seven or eight but varied in taste and style – a good thing when you are usually overwhelmed with choices. The Superhero burger is top dollar and anything with halloumi is always a winner for me. Another thing I have thoroughly loved (as you can tell, I eat here quite a bit) is the chicken and avocado salad. It is crisp, clean and tasty. Perfect food for the summer days after a walk along the prom.

People rave about the tapas here. Personally, I prefer the tapas at Cabovino on Victoria Street. Nevertheless, the tapas are a crucial part of Marino Lounge’s menu, especially on Tapas Tuesday. Buy three tapas for £9.95 and get a free glass of vino! The patatas bravas are always incredible as is the halloumi, courgettes and peppers (can you see a pattern here?) and the hummus with bread is oh, so fab too. Marino Lounge do change their menu twice a year, so some favourites have disappeared and not returned *sob*, but a few of my friends adore every tapas dish they serve. Don’t just take my word for it; take the hundreds of people who visit every single day of the week!

My absolute favourite drink from Marino Lounge that I have never seen anywhere else is the sherbet lemonade. Sherbet Lemonade. It tastes so good when it is done right – with the sherbet swirling around the huge glass. Another drink they do to a T is the hot chocolate – it does depend on who makes it sometimes. It is the correct amount of chocolate with enough froth, marshmallow and chocolate sprinkles. As for alcohol, I’ve made my way through that cocktail menu before now – the raspberry prosecco is always a good choice! When isn’t it?!

Do you have a favourite place for food and drink where you like? A place that all the locals love? Tell me yours and come visit mine!

Love, Faye xo


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