Back To Black This Autumn

Women who wear black live colourful lives – Neiman Marcus.

Autumn is well and truly on its way – although, you wouldn’t think it with the warm weather we’ve been having over the past couple of days. I have been indulging myself with some new autumnal pieces for the new season, which I haven’t done before at the start of a new autumn/winter before. This time, I really wanted to immerse myself into the whole fashion community and buy items that are on trend, but suit my personal style and body shape, too. I have invested in mustards, reds; leopard and check print. These colours and patterns are everywhere right now, especially animal print! It would be rude not to join the autumn fashion army.

However, it is that time of year when black is well and truly at the forefront of my wardrobe, despite having to wear black for work every day. I made a promise to myself to avoid wearing black leggings and a black Primark cami and a jumper, or hoody; this year, I want a more polished look, even if the “polish” is an upgrade to mom jeans with a leather jacket and my classic lace-up boots.

Let’s talk about the leather jacket… I have never, ever owned a leather jacket. Every single year, racks of them pour out in Topshop, Zara, New Look – you name it. And every year, I say to myself I will buy a leather jacket. It has never happened. Perhaps I just didn’t want it enough. This one I spotted in Zara a couple of weeks ago for £49.99. It is a simple, collarless biker jacket with a ribbed, quilted effect around the elbows and shoulders. The silver zip in the front is asymmetrical which I love. More silver zips adorn the pockets and the cuffs just to give them more of a juxtaposition. I will admit, to get the correct size, it was a frantic, quick, impulse buy (alongside something I threw over my arm whilst marching to the till) before work with ten minutes to spare, but I had thought about it for a couple of weeks. If you want to buy this jacket, I would suggest trying it on first and maybe going a size up. Mine is a Large because the Medium felt a little tight around the elbows. Admission two: I really wanted a leather jacket for my trip to The Cotswolds next week! It is the jacket to go with absolutely everything.

As for the mom jeans, they are the best jeans I own. In fact, I might donate my other pairs of jeans because I don’t wear them any more. When I lived in Australia, I saw a pair of mom jeans from Topshop that I felt super comfortable in and really wanted to buy. Unfortunately, they were way too expensive and I was living that backpacker life of limited funds, especially for clothes. Fast forward six months, Mum and I were shopping in Outfit when I spotted these Miss Selfridge jeans. Usually, I don’t go for black jeans. However, with the high-waist, style and rose pattern, I wanted to try them on. It is safe to say I fell in love. With my body shape (small waist, big hips/bum), it is really hard to get a good fit of anything high-waisted. Usually, denim is really baggy around the waist, but tight around the bum. With these, they are divine… until I eat too much brunch and then things tend to expand/shrink! I hope I will find more jeans like this, or general jeans that I feel good in, especially for the colder months ahead!

Black in general can be a flurry of things: sophisticated, cool, quirky, edgy and sometimes a little bland. It depends on the cut, the accessories, and the entire look that you are going for. I know for certain that my leggings and cami combo is boring AF, but it’s comfortable for eating all the winter goodness, so I’ll reserve it for feeding hour. As much as I will be injecting splashes of colour into my autumn wardrobe, I know that a safe place will always be black upon black.

Tell me honestly, how often do you wear black? And, will you be returning to it a little more now that the darker days are here?

Love, Faye xo


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