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I could see every pebble on the path, and every blade of grass, by that splendid moon – Emily Bronte

I’m enjoying writing these mini travel diary entries again, mostly because I have missed travelling, no matter how far away or close by the destination. Every day could be a day of travel really, depending on how you look at it. This time, my travel diaries are all about my Sunday spent at Bourton-on-the-Water. It is another Cotswold beauty with huge trees that rustle in the breeze and a river that flows under arched bridges throughout the little village. It is beautiful, especially when the sun hits the water and it sparkles a radiant glow. Yet another place that I will be returning to in the not-so-distant future.

For October, it was insanely sunny. It felt like a summer’s day; now I’m all for prolonging the sunnier days, but having a hot day when the leaves are falling and Hocus Pocus is on repeat across the globe is just weird. Regardless, the sunnies were firmly on my face and the leather jacket was nearly left in the car. I had a last minute change of heart and I’m glad because later on in the afternoon, the wind got quite blistery.

I swear I have been to Bourton-on-the-Water before. It is a heightened case of deja vu because I seem to remember there being bridges and water and long pathways that led to a maze that I spent an afternoon in. Mum says I’ve never been, so I’m wondering where on earth that maze was from my childhood, or if it even existed?! Anyway, first off, a quick pitstop at a bridge to get some photos because I had a brand new outfit on and I really wanted some more outfit shots (call me a diva if you want, but neither party seemed to mind). Even the local tourists stopped to let me get my perfect shot, before one of them jokingly suggested he could push me into the river for the best photograph. It was funny; all the people in close vicinity laughed. It doesn’t sound as hilarious as it was – maybe you had to be there… We also made way for a little girl and her mum to have the very same shoot I had. It was adorable.

Off we wandered to the Dragonfly Maze. Again, not for the first time this weekend (it became a recurring thing), my eyes lit up as the inner child in me jumped up and down on the spot. We paid £3 each to gain entry – I think it was £3 – and received a little piece of paper to write down the fourteen clues we had to find for once we discovered the centre of the maze. We were given a choice – to do it together, or by ourselves. This time, we were a team. Maybe next time, it can be a race? Although, I’m pretty sure I remember the majority of the way to the centre now, so it wouldn’t be as fun. We wandered and walked and ran and hid around the corners of the maze. I walked so vehemently at one point that I got a little dizzy; it didn’t help that I went in the wrong direction. Not walking, but in general. We found the middle, but didn’t find all the clues, so we spun around and went in search of them. It had to be done, and we spent an extra twenty minutes to half an hour looking high and low for those missing pieces to the puzzle. It was so much fun; it literally is fun for all the family.

After we made it to the centre for a second time, we went in search of soup via The Perfumery and popping into local gift shops along the way. Aren’t countryside shops the best? There are always intricate trinkets in there that you won’t find anywhere else, especially the high street! The tea rooms where we sat and had our late lunch, with yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows were so cute! I can imagine how they would have been as a cottage, or indeed tea rooms decades ago. At first, I wasn’t so sure on the veggie soup, but how wrong I was. My mouth is salivating at the thought right now. It tasted incredible, and the hot chocolate was to die for, especially with the addition of a flake.

The last stop of the day was a visit to see Brum. Yes. Brum. From the TV show. Cue the excitement. Honestly, I was just a ball of excitement the entire weekend. We crossed the bridge to the Motor Museum and stepped through its doors into the past. The cars in there are insane. Even I, who is not intellectually sound about any sort of vehicle, can appreciate the time and craftmanship that went into each beauty. Sometimes I wish that the cars on the road today were cars like those; but then again, it is always a little more special when you see one after a hundred modern cars. There weren’t only cars in the museum, but a tractor too, and toys from across the ages as well as nineteenth century bikes, wagons and shoes. It was pretty incredible. I almost walked past Brum, and then got about a dozen photos of him.

We ended the day with chocolate nibbles – a childhood classic – and the promise to return again, sooner rather than later.

Have you visited Bourton on the Water? What was your favourite part?

Love, Faye xo


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