Autumn TV – The Cry & Other Shows I’m Watching

Television has tremendous power over our lives – Julie Nixon Eisenhower.

It is the time of year when it is acceptable – no, assumed – that once everybody is home from work, that’s it: they’re in for the night. And why would you want to leave the warmth of your house in order to dodge the blustering winds and the icy air? Especially when there’s something decent on the box. TV is always best in the run up to Christmas; it is as though producers know that we’re all going to be a little more strapped for cash as the festive period approaches. In the past, we’ve had Broadchurch, The Missing and Tina and Bobby, not to mention the incredible Poldark, just to name a few. This year, the variety of stories being told through dramas have widened in order to reflect the very real heartbreaks in society and thrillers to grip us to the edge of our seats. This is what is on my list to watch (or catch up on… immediately!):


Okay, if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my weekly updates and thoughts throughout the four-part drama on BBC One. The brief synopsis is a three-month old baby goes missing whilst in Australia with parents. My first thoughts were a little bit WTF. The first episode was pretty confusing with the three different timelines that cut and merged into one. Extremely well edited – definitely one of the best parts about the entire series. Throughout the series, questions are flung left, right and centre: what happened? Who dunnit? Why didn’t the dad do a single thing?

Personally, I hated Alistair – the dad – from the get-go. Yes, he had to go to work, but it takes two to tango and two to make a baby, so why did the mother end up doing everything and getting so stressed out that she couldn’t cope? I literally screamed at the telly at one point. Jenna Coleman played her character, Jo, incredibly. Her character was frighteningly complex. She had post-natal depression; she was exhausted; she was broken, devastated and then, she wore a mask that protected her. She snapped. A lot of the dramatic points were easily guessed. I guessed the three cruxes to the story before they were told, but I’d watch it all over again.


With what is going on the world right now, Butterfly is an important drama, probably the most important drama to reflect real lives of families who have a transgender child. It stars Anna Friel as the mother of Maxine who is trying to transition. It portrays the conflict within households and between families as well as those within their social groups. I haven’t began watching it yet, but I can already tell it will be an emotional rollercoaster, full of heartbreak and turmoil, and hopefully happiness as Maxine becomes the person she wants to be.


As a woman with an English Literature degree, you would assume I’d have read Vanity Fair at some point in my education, or even my life. Nope. Never. I want to read the classics but never make the time, turning to a contemporary (let’s face it, shorter) read. The ITV drama stars Olivia Cooke who has played a nineteenth century woman before, and very well. From what I’ve seen of the clips, it is cheeky, coy, lavish and sensational. Everyone loves a good period drama in Autumn!


Twitter basically gave me most of the details about The Bodyguard, as did a news interview with an ex “bodyguard”. It is yet another thriller that has people hooked, and on the edge of their seats. I am most excited to see Mrs Durrell as a character other than Mrs Durrell! I have heard mixed things about the finale, but I want to see it for myself, and have a dramatized glimpse into the life of 10 Downing Street.


Everybody secretly wants to be a spy… at some point in their life. Plus, a drama about an assassin is always going to be the one to watch on a cold, dark night. The fact that it follows two remarkable female characters is a huge bonus because we need to see more strong women on the telly. Apparently, it is comedic and witty which is an amazing contrast to what I assume the content will entail; something that will grip and humour me is always a winner in my book!

Now, I understand pretty much everyone has been watching these series, so I am very late to the game, and none of these will be news to you but if there are any that I must watch first, please give me a heads up! I get so lost in the spiral of Netflix shows nowadays that I tend to forget how amazing British dramas for the telly are.

Which is your favourite out of these autumn dramas?

Love, Faye xo


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