Why Are We Obsessed With The Supernatural?

Monsters could be real. Magic could whisper in the air – Cynthia Eden.

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us, the one night where the walls between our world and the next are at their most brittle; when witches and demons alike can wander the earth under the moonlight and ghosts can choose to haunt us more vehemently, or say goodbye to their loved ones with an eerie kiss. At least, that is how Halloween used to be celebrated. Now, it’s all sexy this, scandalised that, although not for everyone. To be quite honest with you, I haven’t celebrated Halloween at all this year; I haven’t gotten dressed up, painted my face as a mask; or even watched Hocus Pocus. I miss the days when I’d get all dressed up as a witch and go to my auntie’s house where she’d made a buffet of ripped apart hands with jelly, dead mice and all the other horrific sights that tasted so good. My cousins and I watched Goosebumps and went trick or treating. It used to be one of the best nights of the year. Now, I can’t even be bothered. Maybe I’ll make more of an effort next year!

Anywhoo, back to today’s blog post about the supernatural. Perhaps it’s just me, but everyone is a little intrigued with the supernatural, if not obsessed! I’ve grown up reading about witches, vampires and werewolves. My teenage dreams led to a fully-fledged obsession with young adult fantasy in books and on screen. Perhaps it is the notion of being anything other than human, of never quite fitting in to the “norm”, even though I am pretty normal by anyone’s standards. Maybe, we want to be more than the everyday, better, faster, more beautiful than our human capacities. We are, in fact, always striving to be the best, so a little imagination and wishful thinking might lend us to believe that, if pushed, we could become something more, that we could be living among those who live – dead, or undead – a more fantastical life. I don’t believe that there are immortal creatures with human faces; or that a human has the capability of turning into a wolf every full moon, but as for witchcraft, I really want to walk along the ground of Salem and New Orleans where there is much historic legend and myth. I want to feel that glimmer of magic in the wind.

For my own mini celebration for Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my favourite books, TV shows and films with you. If you know me, they are massively predictable and pretty P.G. because I am a wimp, but supernatural all the same. Fun fact: I used to watch horror films in my early teens. Think Thirteen, The Ring but after The Grudge, it scarred me for life and I refuse to watch anything even slightly horrific. I did study Halloween, Scream and The Exorcist in Film Studies much to the amusement of my teacher. However, you won’t catch me willingly going to the cinema to watch anything with blood, gore and ghosts.



Anyone who has read this blog for a while will have seen me rave about the Six of Crows duology. So, I won’t say much more other than a dystopian world that resembles the Victorian streets of London with thieves and bandits making a name for themselves alongside the witchcraft of the grisha. Full reviews are here and here.


Again, another Leigh Bardugo book. Can you see a pattern here? I simply adore her way with words and the world she has created for herself and her fans. I couldn’t get over the final tale in this book and I love all of the illustrations to match. It is a stunning book about her supernatural world with more about it here.


I chose Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as one of the classics you must read during Halloween. As it is a classic, not much more needs to be said about it, other than Frankenstein’s monster is actually pretty cool and the real monsters are not what they seem.


I’m still not over this book and its magnificence. When is Children of Virtue and Vengeance out?! I know that it’s next year, but I kinda need a date. The supernatural nature in this book is not so much Halloween-esque in the classic sense, but there is something much scarier in operation here which people cannot wake up from after one frightful night. Read the full review here.



Would it really be a Halloween-themed blog post without the greatest witches of all time making an appearance? Hocus Pocus is a classic! It is also one of the reasons why I want to visit Salem and it puts a smile on everyone’s faces no matter how gloomy the weather is outside.


I watched this film once during a night in Melbourne. I was on the bottom bunk in a partitioned room that was my bedroom and the living/kitchen area. It is such a good nineties film. You know the classic nineties with the long hair and the straight-cut jeans and the big southern American houses that are home to all the witches. Yep, it’s pretty great as far as witch films go.


There is always the debate. Is this a Halloween film, or a Christmas film? Why can’t it be both? Definitely Halloween. The music is one of my favourite soundtracks and the characters are both creepy and loveable. Mostly creepy.


The one with Hugh Jackman. The vampires in this film are insane, beautiful and scary. Their laughs could haunt you for days, and the small grey towns are full of mischief and murder. It’s a favourite of mum’s too, but I’m pretty sure she just likes Hugh Jackman in it.



An immortal vampire family with a witch for a mother, a murderer for a father, a hybrid for a brother and a frightening myth that sent even the cruellest of vampires screaming. I can binge-watch a season in less than a week and it has made my desire to visit New Orleans humongous. I cannot wait to see the streets of the French Quarter and experience the carnivals of a place fused with mythical history.


I started watching Vampire Diaries when I was seventeen. It has been in my life on and off for nearly a decade. These supernatural creatures are beautiful, menacing and sometimes cruel, but you forgive them all the same. At least I do. It did go off the rails for a season or two, but it never fails to make me cry which is the magic of the humanity in this series.


Technically, I am yet to watch this, but I’ve seen all of the trailers and I cannot wait to begin! I have to wait though as Warren and I are watching it together, when we eventually find the time. It looks scary; I don’t think I could watch it alone to be honest.


Ah, Shadowhunters. I used to refuse to watch it because it was too much of cringe-fest, even for me! Then, I gave it a second chance and became hooked. Now, it is about to be taken away from me and the rest of the Shadow family! It is a TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments. We won’t see all of the story, but I’m excited to see how they end it.

Are you obsessed with the supernatural? Do you think it’s just a bit of fun at Halloween? Do you read/watch it all year round? What are your favourites?

Love, Faye xo


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