October Best Bits

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers – L. M. Montgomery.

I can’t believe yet another month is almost over! We are heading closer and closer to the finishing line and as much as I am excited for 2019 – there are lots of plans! – I am a little sad to see the end of 2018. Nevertheless, we still have two months to go and I am making sure I make the most of them! Usually, I don’t get too excited about the autumn months. The days are darker and more gloomy and it’s already the countdown to Christmas for me, but this year I have really embraced autumn with the crisp air, the sunny skies and the colourful leaves around my feet. As we celebrate Halloween, I wanted to reflect on my best bits of the month. Get ready to see the majority of my October outfits all over again!


No matter how much anyone loves their job, everybody needs time off every now and again. In retail, the run up to Christmas is non-stop with long, busy hours and fatigue as we try and keep a smile on our faces which is hard in itself at times. So, a week off was very welcome especially as I went on a mini UK break down to my new favourite place – The Cotswolds.


I swore to myself that I’d never do a long distance relationship again and look at me now. I’m far happier this time around. Long distance can be excruciating. Anybody who has experienced it will know. We were in each other’s pockets for four days. That might not be much to some, but it is the longest time we’ve spent together and it was exactly what we both needed.


Out of the entire weekend full of exploring places in Oxford, Bourton-on-the-Water and Stratford, visiting Sudeley Castle was my absolute favourite. There is an entire blog post about what I did and how much I loved it which you can read here. Visiting castles that have so much history hidden inside their walls are one of my favourite things to do, and it is something I don’t do often enough. I’m hoping this time next year, I will have ticked off a few more.


Even though she kept me up half the night on the first night and jumped all over me whilst I tried to nap, Tilly was a gorgeous, fluffy companion last week. We walked together, played together and chilled together. And, it’s always amazing to have a puppy jump up and down in excitement as soon as you step through the door. I also house-sat for my cousin and I have to say, having full control of the TV in the living room and having my own independence was a welcome reminder of my uni days. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the luxuries of living at home, but I am excited to finally save enough money to get a place of my own.


I wanted to write thirteen posts for October and I have officially written thirteen posts. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but after rapidly writing three posts on Monday, this one included, I did it! It’s been a pretty hectic month with work and my trip down south so finding the time to relax and blog in between has been minimal. But, I did it!

How was your October? What were your best bits?


Love, Faye xo


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