Inserting A Pop Of Colour Into Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter fashion is all about having chic outerwear – George Kotsiopoulos.

As the days get duller, it doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to too. In fact, we need something bright in our everyday lives to keep the positivity flowing as the dark nights and grey days blur together. Even if you’re a lover of wearing black, uniform and consistent, it is always good to break up that monotonous feeling of wearing the same thing day in, day out. Even if it is a tiny change, inserting a splash of colour every now and then will brighten your wardrobe, and even your mood.


Everywhere you turn – in every store and online – there are rows and rows of jumpers in all different colours, fabrics, styles and patterns. I, myself, have my eye on a couple of new jumpers, but in terms of slow styling, I have three firm favourites in my wardrobe – including the very green one in my photos. Colourful jumpers are super easy to brighten up any winter wardrobe and they come in an array of price points too.

Blue ; Colour Block ; Pink


Something that is far easier to switch up any and all of your outfits is a colourful bag. Wearing a little black dress for the Christmas staff night out? A colourful clutch. Wearing black jeans and a grey teddy coat? A bright satchel bag. For any outfit, on any occasion, the bag is your go-to for a flash of colour.

Pink Metallic ; Yellow ; Orange ; Green


Or boots, if you’re more like me. You’re never fully dressed without the correct footwear after all and sometimes they can make or break the entire look you’re going for. The majority of my boots are black and I have black trainers as well as black shoes, but I do love my shoes that are nude, deep purple, pale pink and bright orange.

Converse ; Loafer ; Boot ; Heel


Brighter coats are here to stay for the next couple of seasons. I have seen so many fluffy pink coats and blue ones too; I am very tempted to treat myself to a colourful coat this winter but I still have plenty of wear out of my trusty River Island beaut from last year. As George Kotsiopoulos says, it’s all about the outerwear during winter – you could throw on any old thing underneath.

Red ; Checked ; Green ; Houndstooth ; Lilac ; Pink

In past years, I’ve lived in my black leggings, black boots and trusted khaki coat with black leather arms. That combined with my black uniform can get pretty monotonous, so this year I want to change it up a bit. I want to be bright and wear bright things that can reflect my mood, or lift it, especially during the darker months. In all honesty, I know that the majority of my brighter items will be the jumpers that I wear. They are the “lazy girl’s guide” to brighter clothing and I love the easy route when it comes to fashion and style.

How do you prefer to style your winter wardrobe? Do you go classic with winter colours, or do you brighten things up a little?

Love, Faye xo



    • Faye
      November 19, 2018 / 4:43 pm

      Aw thank you! That’s so kind. And a great blog post for you to write too!

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