An Insight Into My Perfume Collection

Perfume is like a new dress. It makes you quite simply marvellous – Estée Lauder.

Before I began my perfume career in 2015, I favoured two fragrances: Calvin Klein Euphoria and Aura by Swarovski. Both are polar opposites. The first is a culmination of woody, floral and fruity notes, beginning with pomegranate, swirling into lotus blossom and black orchid, finishing with liquid amber, black violet and mahogany wood. It was my perfume in my late teens; the scent that followed me around my nights out in town and eighteenth birthday parties. It followed me to university and freshers week; a couple of years later I found Aura, which is now (much to my devastation) discontinued.


As you can see, I have quite a collection of Aura bottles. Colleagues have found them for me in the past, one even saving the very last one for my Christmas present last year; Mum has gone on wild goose chases in the supermarkets; I’ve limited myself to a spray every now and then just so each bottle lasts. That is the annoying thing about discontinued fragrances. You don’t understand the loss until it happens to you. It is not just the loss of the perfume, but the memories you associate with that scent too. Whenever I spray this feminine fragrance, filled with rose, white musk, tuberose and pink pepper, I am transported back to Tenerife when I sprayed it every single night for work.


Chanel and Dior are still at the top of their game. Coco Mademoiselle is one of the top five fragrances sold year in, year out. Sauvage is number one men’s fragrance in the world. I wear the eau de toilette version of Coco Mademoiselle. It isn’t as intense, it’s softer and is great for spraying onto clothes as well as pulse points. It is fresher than its parfum counterparts, with a fruity sweetness that overrules its floral heart. In terms of Dior, I have the brand new Joy on my shelf thanks to my training day with the Dior team. It is the start of the new perfume trend (yes, perfumes also have trends) of light musky base notes. Combined with mandarin, rose and sandalwood, it is a unique scent like no other. Some people love it; some hate it. On my skin, it settles into a lovely day scent. I much prefer the Poison Girl range by Dior: rich, sensual and now, sparking, the Unexpected version is the part of a new generation. The blood orange in the top note is fresher and spicier, whilst its rosy heart is sensual and the vanilla in the base notes pulls it all together. As part of the new generation of fragrance, the roller ball is a fresh way to apply perfume and Dior loves to be at the forefront of the fashion and beauty world.


Pretty much a third of female perfume bottles and/or packaging are pink, or purple, or rose. That’s a rough estimate. Now I’m thinking is that true? TPS people, correct me if I’m wrong. On my personal shelf, over half of them contain pink liquid, or pink glass. My favourites are the gourmand La Vie Est Belle, another one of the top five perfumes. I have the discontinued eau de toilette which isn’t as sweet as its eau de parfum version. Another is Flowerbomb Bloom. I prefer it vehemently over the classic Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolfe. It is lighter, softer and more joyful than its original, much more suited to the spring season. It has its original bouquet of flowers at the heart – freesia, damask rose and jasmine. Its freshness is due to the newer note of liquid air which atones to the fresher scent; a firm favourite on my shelf. I became obsessed – and I mean obsessed – with Dolce Garden when I started my new position at TPS, so much so that my best mates bought it for me for my birthday. I took it to Verona and it became my scent of Italy; very apt, don’t you think? With coconut, white flowers, vanilla and ylang-ylang, it is definitely one for the longer summer days and a sense of freedom.


Calvin Klein is often overlooked these days with every other fashion house building their own fragrance empire. It still has a special place in my heart due to my love of Euphoria. I’ve gradually grown my CK collection with CK2 which was set to be the millennial fragrance of its time three years ago, but has now been discontinued. It is unique and as much as I love everything about it, it isn’t as classic as the 90s CK One. It’s cool notes and warm notes blend together, and it is the first fragrance to use wasabi and hot pebble stones. CKIN2U is another fresh floral fragrance that is perfect for day time. Its citrus notes help wake me up a little during these darker mornings.

This isn’t everything in my collection. Another absolute favourite of 2018 is Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. If anybody asks my advice on what is the scent of right now, I have to introduce this one. It’s not hard either with the shape of the bottle and the gorgeous fragrance. One that I haven’t added to my personal collection is the new Jimmy Choo, filled with black plum, tonka bean and sandalwood. I adore it. It’s the perfect new perfume for autumn and winter. I love The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana too… Another gourmand with a twist.

Basically, I’m still as addicted to perfume as ever. As my collection grows, my love for every bottle grows too. What perfumes are on your beauty shelf?

Love, Faye xo


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