Book Review #63 – The New Fashion Rules

The majority of us no longer buy clothing for our own personal enjoyment alone, but for the admiration of those who observe or follow us – Victoria Magrath.

Is there a blogger in the universe who doesn’t idolise Victoria Magrath aka Inthefrow in one form or another? She is a business woman, and a hugely successful one at that. She turned her passion into a career that sees her fly across the globe, write about what she loves and talk to an audience who adore every word. With every project she does, she makes it her own: crisp, elegant and inspirational. When I got the chance to meet her, she was as lovely as every single video indicates her to be, which made me love her even more. No, this is not a love letter to Victoria Magrath, but one of true thanks for creating something so wonderful, but more importantly for making me believe that I, too, can accomplish something if I put my mind to it. With that, let’s focus on her book – something that is standalone and not just another blogger book.

The New Fashion Rules is something quite extraordinary. It dips in and out of the new digital age of retail and its relationship with the rise of the internet, beginning in 1994 and continuing to the present day. It highlights all of the crucial points in online retail, including the rise of ASOS (As-Seen-On-Screen – did anybody else know that before they read this book?!), the launch of Nasty Gal, the beginning of blogging and the massive social impacts that we have experienced in recent years. In between the encyclopaedia of facts, Victoria gives her own advice; her tips and tricks of the blogging trade and her opinions on what have been some of the biggest influential changes in the fashion industry. As the icon of modern fashion blogging, it is her advice that I seek out the most and now that it is bound in a gorgeous hardback book, I can flick through the pages to find her words on how to stay ahead of the game, how to find my niche and how to interact on Instagram, all of which sound extremely easy, but are not when it comes to thinking of fresh ideas and putting the very thoughts into action.

This is more than just a coffee table book. I have seen those words across all forms of reviews. These words are true. There are photos and illustrations that catch the eye, in subtle colours and with such creativity that they are hard not to stare at. However, it is the knowledge that has been brought to life for the reader in Victoria’s very voice that all of her blog readers, myself included, adore. She writes in a way that is informative and entertaining. Digital media excites me to a point, but her knowledge on the death of the high street and the rise of influencers has made me want to be more aware of the happenings that surround my very life, especially as I work on the high street, in retail. It is exciting to read this – but also the sobering truth.

The New Fashion Rules is part of the ongoing conversation. It is the book that we should all turn to when we need a quick lesson on what is happening in the industry; it is also the book to inspire us to take our next steps in the creative blogosphere.

Who knows what could happen next? I certainly hope Victoria writes Part II in the years to come.

Love, Faye xo


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