Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving – Mother Theresa.

I love reading other people’s gift guides and I adore creating my own. I wanted to try something a little different with my own this year by finding the actual gifts in my home so that I know full well they are being put to good use, rather than simply making an extended wish list of all the things I want this Christmas… kinda what I do most years. This way you know that I think they are all top notch and I am not devastated when I can’t afford to treat myself to anything after spending X amount on gifts for my loved ones.

I wanted to stay away from the standard what to buy for women; what to buy for men and thought I would mix it up a little in my own way to bring a tiny sparkle of originality into your lives. Plus, there are these kinda people in everyone’s life, so keep scrolling, enjoy and let me know what you plan on buying for people this year! I love to know why people buy what they buy… what’s the story? Will they love it?!


I used to be this person, so I’m sharing a few of the things I have accumulated over the years that have either helped me with my travels, made me want to travel, or made me miss travelling. One thing that every traveller, or tourist, loves to do is to look back at all of their photos, reminiscing on all the memories they made in the incredible places they travelled. Buy a photo album or scrapbook so they can stick (when they finally get around to it) their photos in so they have something physical they can look back on. Research can go a long way when travelling, so a book about the destination, or a general worldly book is a good option too, as are money boxes to save all those two pound coins, fivers and odd pennies; a passport holder for all their important documents and a keep-sake survival kit they can treasure wherever they go. Other ideas could be a travel addition to their household in the form of something as small as coasters, or a piece of jewellery that shows their true passion of travelling.


Is anyone else’s dad awkward to buy for? Mine seems to have everything he could ever want… apart from a dog, and I can’t afford to buy one of those! Some dads are probably super easy to buy for; I envy you that. This year, I’ve had Dad’s present mapped out and ready, so if you have a dad you are struggling to buy for, here are some ideas for you! Aftershave (eau de toilette) is a fabulous option. You can never go wrong with a good parfum for men, unless you have no idea what kind of scents he likes. That could prove something quite difficult. Just come and see one of us lot at The Perfume Shop where we can help! There is something for everyone. If your dad is more of a man who likes to look after himself as he gets older, why not invest in some good moisturiser, beard oil, or general body products. Everyone loves good old smellies for stocking fillers at Christmas time! If you don’t want to chance offended your old man by insinuating he smells a little, then go for something such as a book or film about his favourite band. Or, if you want to splash the cash a little more, gift him a sparkly new watch… to go with all the other watches he has tucked away in drawers, or a winter hat… to go with all the other hats stuffed in the wardrobe.


I have explicit knowledge of this as it is Warren’s and my first Christmas together. All you need to do is pay attention to his likes and dislikes. Simple, right? Sometimes it is not. Depending on your budget, and how long you’ve been together, there is an array of items that you could give this Christmas. Starting small – but very significant – why don’t you be all cute and make something photographic of the two of you such as a keyring. Aftershave and body products are always a winner whether they are stocking fillers or the main gift. Or, if you are both book dragons (Warren and I live for books), buy him a new series that he has been after for ages, one that he won’t stop going on about. If you want to splash the cash a bit more and continue creating amazing memories, book a trip somewhere whether it is local or a flight away. Perhaps this is for the ones who are more stable in the knowledge that it is definitely going to work out, beyond the whole are we doing presents or not? kinda vibe.


What to buy the girl who has everything? It is a hard thing to limit ourselves to a budget whilst wanting to treat our besties to something extravagant that doesn’t break the bank. You want to get them something meaningful, or sassy, or the best thing ever. Things that you can never go wrong with are: a journal or a brand new fashion book that is on a lot of girl’s wish list this Christmas, or any kind of book for that matter. Something a little luxurious for your friend to open on Christmas Day is a winner because everybody wants a little luxury during the party season. Buy her her favourite fragrance, or a brand new one that she will love. For the relaxing post-Christmas period (where you don’t know what day or what time it is), get them something to pamper themselves with. Everybody needs it at this time of the year. Continuing with the party theme, makeup sets and glittering bags are things that no vivacious girl can say no to so stock them up, ready for the new year.


It doesn’t have to be your mum… but she will be good for this too. All the mums I know work extremely hard all year round to make sure everything is plain sailing in the house, so they deserve an extra treat or two this Christmas, even if it is a cup of hot tea and time for themselves. My current read Why Mummy Drinks is the perfect gift for mums everywhere. It doesn’t matter how old or young their kids are, this mum will resonate with each of them in some way. Even if it doesn’t (I’m not a mum and I love it so far), it will make them snort with laughter. For the down time that they require, buy the simple things like a new pair of slippers, a candle, chocolate and even a subscription to her favourite magazine. These four things go hand in hand for the perfect Sunday afternoon of self loving. Treat your mum to some brand new perfume that will make her feel like herself again, and not just a mum, because as much as mums are our heroes, they are also their own person first.


I never grew up with my brother and I wouldn’t want to steal any of his things for myself, apart from his drink collection. However, you may want to buy something you can share (beg, borrow or steal) from yours. This can be a technical item, from computer pens for those who love to create brand new designs to camera lenses for the smartphone addicts. Again, books and DVDs are pretty much fail-safe and you can choose what you would love to read and watch over the next couple of months, but look like a great sibling in the meantime. For all those who have a love of pink and mermaids, there is so much merchandise that adorn scales and tails, from mugs to phone cases. As for making your sibling look and feel great whatever the occasion, a hair appliance is a good way to go, and the offer of helping them out once in a while for extra bonding time.


I haven’t bought a gift for a grandparent since I was fourteen years old, but the notion of it still fills me with joy. We forget that they were once young too, so perhaps give something to make them feel like they are more than a grandparent, and a reminder that we love them for who they are, including all of their stories. I’m going to say it again, for the last time, perfume and aftershave. I think you might have guessed (if you didn’t know already) that I work at The Perfume Shop, so of course I’m going to suggest it for absolutely everyone because you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous gift of fragrance. For those comfort seekers, buy your grandparents a woollen knit, or some cosy pyjamas. The cardigan featured is one that I gave to my Nin when she was alive; I’ve got it back and other cardigans of hers. Grans, nans and nins love cardies. Granddads love jumpers, too. Add a little luxury to their homes with a jewellery box to keep their gems safe, or a new lipstick that will make them feel like a whole new woman, or a makeup bag for those grandmothers who are absolutely decadent. A classic book in an original edition would look great on their bookshelves, or on top of their coffee table. For something a little different, give them the gift of memories and reflection. Some grandparents still have things they want to do in life, so help them succeed with a little push.

So, there we have it… the whopping Christmas Guide 2018. I hope you enjoy reading it, gathering last minute ideas and frantically remembering that item you were going to definitely order last month. I, thank goodness, have practically finished my Christmas shopping for this year, and I hope to continue this semi-organisational version of Christmas in future years.

What are you buying for people this year?

Love, Faye xo


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