Book Review #66 – Queen of Air and Darkness

Some lights were never meant to burn for long – Cassandra Clare.

I am not one to post anything negative about books because I love books. I adore them, especially Cassandra Clare books. I love this intricate world that she has created, full of friendship, family and love. The characters she has created become people that millions of readers genuinely care about. If you haven’t read Lord of Shadows, you will have no idea the cliff-hanger that she left and alongside that, the devastation. I cried when I read the final pages of that book. I was heart-broken. I can’t really bear to think about it even now to be honest, and I have had an entire book to get over it. I held back the tears with Queen of Air and Darkness. It was a happy ending on the most part. Two classic characters got what they deserved and everybody celebrated and it was lovely – I do wish they hadn’t done it in this series though. However, there is so much that needs to be called into question about this book and I have a feeling a lot of fans will be thinking the same.


I can’t help it. I am no author, certainly not one that has published successful book after successful book and has made lord-knows-what in money, but seriously? Cassandra Clare’s writing has gone downhill. It’s tumbling and spiralling. It wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t affect the way I read the book; nevertheless, it did. I would stop reading a paragraph because she had repeated the same words over and over: the same descriptions, the same name, the same vowels and nouns. It was as if the content needed fluffing up in order to hit a specific word-count somebody had set. And it had the adverse effect of making it a better story – it made it a worse one. The story would be much more enjoyable if it had less in it. It made me call into question the editing: who edited this book? Who gave it the green light? How lazy has it gotten? I cannot be the only one who thinks the same thing. Perhaps it is because I am older now. I first read City of Bones when I was eighteen and I was utterly entranced by everything. Now, at twenty-six, I can’t get through a chapter without rolling my eyes.


A lot of people are not invested in this relationship, but I am. Unrequited love is something I could read about until the end of time, and what is more unrequited than a law telling you it is forbidden to love your parabatai. Side note: did anyone ever question this when Alec had feelings for Jace in that way? Did that even happen? I can’t remember. And these two have so many feelings for each other. The fact that Julien goes and turns off his feelings (Vampire Diaries anyone?) is excruciating really. And annoying. Come to think of it, I’m wondering whether there was any point to that other than to create more angst that was necessary. Also, *spoiler* I thought that they would have died noble, heroic deaths and that would have caused so much devastation. I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t because imagine the heartache. Instead, they turned into giants and got their happily ever after without the repercussions that they were convinced they would have from the council. It feels a little too easy.


Cristina, Mark and Kieran are definitely the trio that are on everybody’s lips. They all love each other so fervently that it is impossible to not love them all and want to squeeze them together. Each of them bring out the best in the other and care so deeply for one another that it isn’t weird that they have this open relationship between them. Each of them have come a long way since the first book, taking chances and moulding into better people. Everyone accepts their love for what it is and it is borderline erotic is what it is. All the sexual tension and all the angst (Cassie does love a lot of angst) made me want to know what was happening next. Will they? Won’t they? Why aren’t they jealous of each other? What will happen?!


I can’t count the amount of points of view that are in this book. It is a little mind-boggling. The story is massive with so many crucial parts that it does need to be told from every possible world and land, including Faerie, Alicante and the mortal world. So much is happening with regard to the Cohorts who are the Nazis in basic comparison, alongside what is happening between the Seelie and Unseelie, where the alliances lie and where deception toys with good people. It was a little too much, so much so that I forgot all about Annabel who is the Queen of Air and Darkness herself. She was a crucial character in the first two books, but then scurried away into dark shadows until she was dealt with. Plus, the characters we see less of, such as Diego and Jaime Rosales, become an unimportant part of the story, despite their sarcastic hilarity, and what exactly is the Eternidad and where did it come from btw? That was forgotten. As for Dru, she comes out of herself a lot more in this book, but again – it is as though she is a spare part in the Blackthorn family. She contributed to the battle; she knew how to stop her brother from squashing people, but it was as if it was a last minute rush to write, whereas Ty and Kit have entire chapters dedicated to their emotions and their actions. There are too many unanswered questions about Dru and what exactly happened when she landed in an alien world in the second book. The next lot of books (in three years!!) should tell us more, but I want to know now. In general, there are too many plot-holes to grasp an entire conclusion to the story. I guess that might be Clare’s way of getting her readers hooked onto the next trilogy The Wicked Powers. Instead, some might rethink reading it.

All in all, there were factors that made me tear up and I love the Blackthorns; it was too much of a “fan-service” and things were not dealt with at all. There are 900 pages in this book, and not much of an answer for any of the questions most readers have.

What are your thoughts about Queen of Air and Darkness?

Love, Faye xo

P.S. Did anyone else notice the dig against the Shadowhunters series?


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