Bookish Thoughts For 2019 – My Golden Rules

We read to know we’re not alone – William Nicholson.

Reading has always been my favourite pastime, but as time goes on, the more I have commitments and the less time I have to read. I work, I write, I blog, I take photos, not to mention sleep – oh, and an attempt of a social life. People say it is easy to find the time, or make the time. In reality, time runs away with all of us and we get through a week wondering how Monday came back around so fast. This year, I want to read more. It is the same old story, but I really do. I want to explore worlds from the comfort of my own bed; I want to fall in love with new characters, and old; I want to see more stories and experience new lives. Every book lover is the same – the more we read, the more we need to read.


This is the exact same goal as last year. I nearly hit it, completing 26 books by the end of 2018. I have already completed one book and hope to finish another two over the next fortnight before I jet off on my week of travels. Obviously, a book will be in my bag for the train and the plane. Compared to other bookish people on the internet, thirty is extremely low, but with my growing love of writing, I want to focus on creating something as well as feeding the creative mind.


In the same breath, I want to read because I enjoy it, not because I have set a goal, or a target, of books to read each month. The curse of numbers does not only apply to the figure above the word followers. It affects almost every aspect in life: work targets, word counts, money to save, a monthly salary, calories. The majority of the time, we have conditioned ourselves into thinking we have to do things, even our hobbies and our passions. Take blogging for example: I love blogging, but I have to force myself to sit down sometimes. The same goes for reading, especially when it comes to starting a new book. Most are excited about the prospect of a brand new story, but I tend to hold back a little, worried about what is about to come.


With the growth of social media and the craze for Netflix, I think we are all a little guilty of picking up our phones and iPads for the ease of things. I’m not going to lie, I love to just veg out in front of the telly and watch a film or binge a new series. I would even say it is easier to do that than to pick up a book. Reading takes some level of concentration. If our minds veer off course, it takes a few times to re-read the page in order to know what is going on. This way, if I watch less, I will read more and hit that goal of thirty. Hopefully.


I read a lot of fiction. The majority of the books I own aren’t based on real life events, or real people, or a piece of science or technology I am interested in. However, I do miss that element to my time of studying at university. I miss the reading I had to endure; I hated it at the time and always left it until last minute. There were the blips when I read something that interested me like the critical reading about J.M. Barrie, the history of Latin America and the chronology of various Spanish dialects; I’ve kept some of those pieces of knowledge with me and the books to match.

I hope this year is the year I will expand my reading, enjoy more books and teach myself a thing or two.

What are your reading goals for the year?

Love, Faye xo


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