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The human body is the best work of art – Jess C. Scott.

When it comes to beauty, I am the worst at moisturising and cleansing and toning, and that’s just my face. When it comes to my body, I wash it with Imperial Leather and that does me just fine. I don’t know how I have soft skin; I am blessed and I hope that never changes so that I don’t ever have to remind myself to bathe in coconut oil after a shower. I treat myself to items from The Body Shop because I know that the products are ethically sourced, made of nutritious goodness and the brand helps the world in ways that show how we should all care for our planet. This is not sponsored, or gifted by The Body Shop btw, I just adore the place. The company makes me want to be on top of my beauty game, and their products look pretty in pictures, so when I was thinking of new content, I decided I wanted to share what I am currently loving from my beauty basket, and what I have been heading back to over the festive season and into this new year.


I have three different types of moisturisers from The Body Shop now. I think I’ve started a bit of a collection without meaning to. Currently, I own the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser and the Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream. I definitely don’t use all three on my face at once. I find that the Vitamin C glow booster is amazing for when I’m feeling really groggy of a morning. The orange tones help freshen my skin and I feel like the colour dabs a bit of sunshine into my day which is extra special as seen as the sun is nowhere to be found at the moment. As for the cream in the blue pot aka the one with seaweed extract, it is perfect for those hangover mornings. The smell instantly wakes me up and it is so fresh that it doesn’t make me feel sick. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and lasts for hours on end. The pink tub, Vitamin E, is my last port of call, but it still does the job of leaving my skin feeling lovely, soft and moisturised.


Considering this was a present from two Christmases ago, I am absolutely loving the colours in the Ted Baker eye palette. I wish I had opened it earlier, but then it wouldn’t be a current fave. The colours in the palette are lilac based and are so subtle that they easily blend together to make that perfect smoky eye, which when you haven’t practiced for as long as I have makes life that much easier.


An oldie but a goodie. Are you a roll-on or a spray-on kinda person? My track record is roll-on, spray-on, roll-on. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to spray-on now after finding Nivea during the uni days. And despite working at The Perfume Shop, sometimes I just whack on a bit of deodorant, leaving the perfume, before rushing off to work because I’m always in a hurry these days.


I always talk about this lip balm in any favourites post, whether that is on here, or on social media. I choose Dior lipsticks and lip balms over every single brand out there. They make me feel like a million dollars – even the daily lip balm. The fact that Meghan Markle wears the peach version just shows how fab it is. My current shade has an added sparkle which means that it can be worn day to night and my lips are never chapped in the long winter days.


It wouldn’t be a beauty favourites without my range of perfume, would it? Everybody knows I’m obsessed with perfume… working at The Perfume Shop, you kinda have to be. My current favourites change every so often. There is a brand new one in the mix right now which is Jimmy Choo Fever. I wanted to get my hands on this one as soon as it launched in late September. Thank god for best friends who know what you want for Christmas! It is a mix of sensuality and addiction. It is a blend of black plum nectar, lychee, grapefruit that flow into vanilla orchid and jasmine with a finality of tonka bean and sandalwood. The deep notes are what set Fever apart from the rest of Jimmy Choo fragrances, making it the one to grab after dark. Some older favourites are Good Girl by Carolina Herrera which I haven’t stopped wearing since May last year, alongside Dolce Garden which I have picked up again. Every time I wear it, I am whisked back to the cobbled streets of Verona, taking in the sights of Romeo and Juliet. Lastly, a classic that must be on every person’s shelf: Chanel. I wear the eau de toilette version of Coco Mademoiselle because it is lighter and sprays more than its eau de parfum counterpart.

As 2019 goes on, I hope to become better at looking after my skin through creams and moisturisers, and to make sure I use my pots of goodness daily. As for the perfume, I’m always going to be addicted to it and I am sure there will be new favourites as more and more fragrances are launched this year.

What are your current beauty favourites?

Love, Faye xo


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