The Books I’m Reading In March

this is simply a story / where women fight against / the manmade structure – Amanda Lovelace.

Everybody loves a list. Am I right? I know I certainly do. I’ve got lists of lists. This one is no different: it is a list of my to-be-reads for this month. It is as much a benefit to myself as it is some bookish inspiration for you all, because I keep forgetting that I have so many books to read and, quite frankly, less and less time. That is a different blog post entirely. This one is all about the beautiful books that I have been so lucky to get a hold of. Most of them are #gifted and very kindly sent to me in exchange for reviews; keep your eyes peeled when they go up! the witch doesn’t burn in this one is the only one I paid for myself… using a Liverpool One gift card so thanks mum and dad! As for my 2019 reading goals, I am on a bit of a roll and I am so looking forward to devouring these particular beauties whole over the next few weeks, so without further ado, here are the books I’ll be curling up with this month!


Edgar Cantero. Out now. Titan Books.

I wasn’t entirely convinced about this book when Titan sent it to me as an option to grab a copy, but I love hilarity and I love crime fiction, so the twisted nature of the plot and characters peaked my interest. This year, I want to expand my reading horizons and this is the book that will help me do that. It centres around twins: A. Kimrean and Z. Kimrean – male and female, dynamic in personalities, sharing one body. Yep. That peaked my interest. They are a private eye – or private eyes, and when the sons of a drug cartel’s boss start being murdered, they have to infiltrate the inner circle and find out what exactly is going on, whilst breaking all of the rules.


Fran Dorricott. Out today. Titan Books.

Another crime book! I do miss reading a really good thriller and I think this is the one that I’ll be raving about. I’m hoping that it is way better than The Couple Next Door which was the last crime novel I read (which shook the nation and I have little idea why) and becomes a worthy book trend, especially because this is Fran Dorricott’s debut and she lives and breathes books as a bookseller during the day. After The Eclipse is about a young girl who goes missing whilst her older sister, Cassie, is on watch. Cassie grows up never knowing what really happened that fateful night. Sixteen years later, another girl goes missing and Cassie is determined to link the two cases, solve the mystery and find her little sister.


Akemi Dawn Bowman. Out 04/04/19. Ink Road.

I wrote about Summer Bird Blue in my February Favourites because I was super-duper excited that I had received it in the post. It is probably the first book I’ll pick up this month just because a) I have been waiting so long to read it and b) I know that I’ll read it within a couple of days because I read Starfish in a matter of hours. Akemi Dawn Bowman’s second book is about grief, loss and unconditional love, which follows Rumi – a girl who always had a plan which was snatched away upon the death of her sister. Now, she is a more than a little lost, and far away from home.


Christine Lynn Herman. Out 16/04/19. Titan Books.

I found out about this book the way I find out about most new books and authors these days: via Twitter. I can’t remember who shared it, but I came across Christine’s profile when she was writing (or editing) The Devouring Gray. No! It was when she got her very first proof, and I just wanted to follow her journey. Now, I have the final version in my hands and I’m very excited to read it. It is for fans of Riverdale and Stranger Things – of which I am not a fan of either because I refuse to start another Netflix series and give up all of my free time. But, there is something dark and sinister lurking in the woods, and I am excited to found out what it is.


Amanda Lovelace. Out now. Andrews McMeel.

I’ve been going through a poetry phase for the past month and a half. I have followed a few new Insta-poets on the good old ‘gram and I really wanted to get some new poetry collections. I know that the first book is the princess saves herself in this one, but I was feeling a little impatient and I wanted to buy this one from Urban Outfitters when I saw it. I’m hoping that I can read this one and then read the first book later on when I have more poetry funds. It is a feminist collection, with topics such as sexual abuse, death, murder, transphobia etc., so I am very intrigued as to how it all links through the portrayal of witches, or if that is a metaphor, or simply the opening poem.

I have a lot of reading to do this month (in between so many other plans – March is an extremely busy month for me!), so I best get started. Which books are on your reading list this month?

Love, Faye xo

Thank you to Titan Books for sending me This Body’s Not Big Enough For The Both of Us, After The Eclipse and The Devouring Gray, and thank you to Ink Road for sending me Summer Bird Blue.


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