It’s The Little Things In Life

Little things are big – Yogi Berra.

The saying goes that life is made up of all the little things, not the big things, and yet we are still accustomed to counting down to our next holiday, our next break from real life, to weddings and to the big life changes that are about to occur at some point down the line. These are our chapters: the pinnacle crossroads that take our individual journeys in completely different directions, sometimes when we least expect it. We look forward to these periods of time for so long that we are too busy to notice a) that the holiday – let’s say – is over before we know it, and b) that life is passing us by and we are missing out on all the tiny details that make up our daily lives: the smiles, the hugs, the tears of laughter from a joke or conversation with a work colleague on a boring day, the really nice fish cake that was frozen at home, but tasted so incredible you wanted more. All these things are what make up our lives, so why are we so quick to brush them off in favour of “bigger” moments?

Perhaps it is to do with our culture of loathing Monday mornings, looking forward to the weekend with such fierce passion that we don’t realise we have wasted five days (aka the majority of the week) of our lives. Perhaps this is the same culture that lives for the countdown apps on our phones. I have countdowns for when I finish work, when I go on three holidays in the space of a month and when I move down south. In having these countdowns – which is great to have something to look forward to – I am sort of bypassing all of the great things that are going to happen in the next five weeks that are not deemed as a momentous occasion. This doesn’t count Warren’s 30th on Monday, nor does it count my mum’s, FYI. As for the rest of it, which will inevitably happen: meals with friends, random nights of inspiration, the times I have my own bed back, the times I get to sleep next to Warren after not seeing him for ages, and everything else in between… it is as if all those things take an invisible back seat to the grander occasions, which is strange because they are no less important than the dates marked in the calendar.

Another reason we could be bypassing all the small things in life, in this day and age, is because social media may not find it as attractive, or as momentous. It is shallow and it is sad, but it is true. In a world of likes, comments and likeability online, we want to forever be doing big things, going to big events, visiting amazing countries, wearing incredible clothes, seeing the wonders of the world, otherwise we become irrelevant which doesn’t boost the confidence like a simple compliment would do. We want to inspire, and sometimes a hot Ribena under a blanket just doesn’t make the cut, unlike – say – a cocktail in a fancy glass with newly manicured nails. This is why I love the #thelittlethings hashtag on Instagram, because all of the little things are just as important as the bigger things. Things like your first cup of coffee in the morning, a hug off your mum, a night spent in with pizza and chocolate in your biggest, fluffiest pyjamas, a brand new book that you can’t put down. Basically everything that you can’t put a filter on has massive importance in our lives and should have just as much influence, if not more, too.

Some of the little things in my life lately have been things like having a full day to spend with Warren, having a conversation with him at the same table rather than through a screen, catching up with relatives I haven’t seen in months, getting puppy cuddles, finishing my ninth book of the year, eating a dominos pizza and getting a good deal on it, seeing my best friend after a month of not seeing her, costing a full rota in work, watching the new episodes of Queer Eye, sorting through my entire bookcase and deciding to get rid of at least forty books, clearing out bags and shoes, discovering I actually do like coffee if there’s enough sugar in it, feeling better in my body, my hair growing more, and probably lots of other things that will come to mind as I’m reflecting on this post.

What are the little things that you’re grateful for?

Love, Faye xo


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