Why You Need A Girls Holiday Whether You’re In A Relationship Or Not

1,2,3,4 we go again – Three Legends.

All girls love girl time, whether that is a sleepover when you’re thirteen, a pamper night at the age of sixteen, a crazy night out at the age of eighteen, or a severely needed break away from life in your twenties. We need to spend time with our crazy mates and female family who bring out the most hilarious, funny side to us, who makes us cry with laughter until our stomachs physically ache and we are about to wee in our bikini bottoms.

That is exactly what happened when I flew out to Tenerife to meet up with my cousin and friend last Monday evening. As soon as I walked through the door at 10.15pm, I was met with two cheering girls on their third headbanger (sangria and vodka) as they handed me this concoction straightaway. Boy, was I excited for a night on the town with them. Drinks in hand, heels on our feet, a song that came to us from another plane and a night that we would dance and drink our way through. Sometimes, you need to blow off some steam. Partying may not be for you; instead, you might want the more cultural and relaxed approach (let me tell you all-day hangovers in heat are not the one) with your best friend, which I have lots of amazing memories of too. Or, perhaps a more physical approach to your girls holiday in the form of skiing, or road tripping, or anything you want. As long as you are spending quality time with your girls, it really does not matter what you do.

When you hear of “girls holiday”, you might assume that the girls are single because when the (usually) limited holidays come around, women tend to go on holiday with their partner, or perhaps this is a misconception. Either that, or it is a hen party. A woman’s last moment of “freedom” that does not exist because we are free women all the damn time. It is healthy for a girl to go away with her mates, just like it’s healthy for a man to go away with his. Time spent apart from each other will help the relationship grow. You will have a chance to miss your partner, and find yourself a little bit more. Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we tend to merge together: we do the things that we like together, eat together, talk all the time and get into a routine that we love and feel comfortable in. By going away, it rejuvenates you and reminds you of the individual that you are. The same idea goes for spending time doing what you each love. Having your own activities and friends can really help maintain a healthy relationship, whilst at home and away.

Depending on how “gross” your relationship is i.e. making bodily functions, talking about literal shit, and all the other qualities that ladies absolutely must not discuss (my relationship not included because there is no filter between us), it might be nice to go away with the girls to talk freely about these things. Things like periods, period poos, the random pains in your lower abdomen, why you’re crying for absolutely no reason and general girl talk aka catching up on all the gossip.

Basically, whether you are single or not, go grab your girl mates and book a holiday together. Or, if that is out of budget (it is for me now too), grab a couple of bottles of wine and go round to somebody’s house and just laugh and cry and talk. It really is the best recipe for a huge pick-me-up.

Do you think you’ll be heading off on holiday with your girls soon? Have the best time!

Love, Faye xo


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