First Month Of Country Living

There is nothing so beautiful, lovable and moving as the English countryside – Stendhal.

First of all, how ironic that I’m actually at home whilst I write this blog post, rather than in my new home of the countryside in The Cotswolds. I’m only here for a couple of days and I do miss my home, especially when all my stuff is in boxes waiting to be unpacked! I thought I’d write a mini update as to how I’m getting on… more so for me and close friends and family who like to check in via this corner of the internet. A lot has changed since that first week post I wrote; there have been quite a few ups and downs in such a short month. At the same time, it feels like I’ve been living in The Cotswolds for far longer than thirty-four days (if you’re counting), and everything is slowly, but surely, piecing itself together and I couldn’t be happier…

There was a long while that I wasn’t happy in myself – I say a long while, but it couldn’t have been more than a fortnight, if that. I’ve put on weight (a given from standing in retail every day to now sitting in an office for nearly nine hours) which I hate; I missed home; I felt like I wasn’t doing things I would normally be doing, like blogging and reading, because I was just so tired at the end of every working day. Once the weekend rolled around, there was something on, or I came home to spend time with loved ones, or Warren and I spent quality time together and with family. To sum it up, I was out of my comfort zone – my routine. For someone who constantly wishes for travel and a new escape, it is scary how much I have come to love my home comforts. I’ve realised that I’m far happier to sit and blog, or read, than I am to even go out at times… maybe that’s not such a surprise. But, at the same time, I’ve started to love walks in the countryside, even rock climbing (the one time I went); doing even a tiny bit of exercise in the evenings and getting out in the fresh air. As for the weight, I’m in constant fluctuation. I’ve been eating healthier at work, taking in fruit and trying to avoid chocolate like the plague, but after a long day at work, sometimes all I want to do is sit on my couch and pig out. It isn’t a top priority until my house is pretty much sorted, which will be very soon!

Speaking of my house… we officially moved into our new home on Friday 28th June with lots of help from the Trueman clan. Everyone was amazing in helping us get Warren’s things fifteen minutes down the road (and into the house) to the village that we now call home. I hadn’t stepped foot into the house until that day, and it couldn’t be more perfect. It is the completely right size with so much storage. Mine and Warren’s things combined could probably fill half a mansion… nearly, so having extra space (including fitted wardrobes and dresser) means that there will be a home for every single item we own. Hopefully it won’t get too cluttered!… We have spent the past week and a bit sleeping on a futon and blow-up bed which has been hilarious and humbling. Staying in an actual bed after so long on the floor was a welcome bliss. We’ll be finding our new bed very soon because I want to be able to roll out of bed in the morning rather than scramble to my knees and then hoist myself off the floor whilst still half asleep.

This weekend Mum and Dad came to visit for the first time! After a quick run up the motorway on Friday night, we returned with a van full of my things the next day. Safe to say my living room got a lot smaller very quickly. There are boxes everywhere at the moment, and the majority are filled with our books! I can’t wait to get back and sort them all out onto their shelves… and maybe nab a couple more shelves for storage too.

Work is amazing. I’m a fast writer, so my boss loves me for that. I love the team I work with and every day, they never fail to make me laugh. The only negative is that I sit all day long, especially when I bring my lunch to work (gotta save those pennies!), so I try to go up and down the office steps every once in a while throughout the day. Aiming for 10,000 steps in office work is hard going… I’ll be needing a gym membership, or – the cheaper option – a new (or used) exercise DVD!

And that is pretty much it right now. As with every new chapter in life, there is a lot of change and a lot of small bumps in the road that you need to get over. As long as you’ve got an amazing group of people in your life who support you, you’ll be fine. I am so much happier now, even though I’m still a little stress-head every single day of my life. I don’t know how I used to be so laidback. That person has long gone.

How have you coped with a huge change before?

Love, Faye xo


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