Trying And Failing At Blogging With A Full Time Job

My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them – Jack Kerouac.

Honestly, I don’t know how people do it. How do bloggers go to work Monday to Friday from 9am until 5.30pm and still manage to maintain a successful blog? Not to mention Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, various ads, networking events and so on… and then there’s maintaining a home, plus that thing called having a social life too? It just never seems to end.

So far, since starting work full time, I’ve successfully posted five blog posts (at the time of writing this). On average that is one per week. That isn’t bad at all! Many bloggers choose to post once per week to really make sure the content has quality stamped all over it. Obviously, I never want my content to dampen just because I want to post more consistently, but I do miss having three or four posts up per week. When I worked at The Perfume Shop, I would have, say, three days off per week, plus afternoons/mornings – that was on contract hours; it is a different kind of ball game when it comes to the gifting seasons. Having three days off per week meant that I could dedicate full days to blogging. I treated blogging as a job because to me it is; it is a step forward in my career of writing, an ongoing portfolio, and it sparks so much joy that I literally cannot wait until I receive an email to say a new post has gone live. Yep, I have signed up to my own blog email list.

Now, I don’t get that excitement as much because I am not writing as much. I say that, but I’ve been blogging for the past two nights. I’m on a roll… My working day finishes at 5pm. I get home between half past and twenty to; I sit on my couch and probably stare into space because I’m too zonked from the day to do anything physical. Maybe I’ll catch up with social media, my messages etc… when I have data. We currently have no WiFi in the house so there is another spanner in the works of lack of blogging. After staring into space for approximately half an hour, I’ll make a start on tea… or wait for Warren to come home because he is far better at cooking than I am. Some nights we don’t eat until 8pm. By that time, I’m in the zone of preparation aka getting ready to shut down for the day and recharge my batteries. When I first started full time again, I was knackered every single night. I still am if I’m honest, especially at the moment with the physical work I’m doing in the warehouse. Blogging became something at the bottom of the never-ending to do list, but it is slowly working its way back to the top of the pile.

What about weekends? you might ask. The past month has been jam-packed. Juggling a social life for one person was hard enough, but now – as a couple – we have to have weekly meetings, reminders in calendars and messages about what occasion or event is this weekend or that because, apparently, we’re both quite popular people… There are a lot of birthdays and events for the both of us at this time of year. We have celebrations to attend amongst the recent move into our new home. The past three weekends we have spent in the new house have been getting everything into the house (including three journeys up and down the motorway between home home and this home) and things are still in their boxes because neither of us can be bothered to unpack in all honesty. It is a process that will take a while to complete. We’re not rushing it. Right now, our main things (i.e. books, towels, couch, some clothes) are unpacked. The rest can wait a little longer. Afterall, I did survive on one (big) bag of items for three weeks. Besides, weekends are for relaxing and socialising too. As much as I wish I could spend just an afternoon on blogging, there is something that will come up, or I’ll be out and about, or catching up with something else that I’m working on. Again, there’s that small, minute, detail of not having WiFi which doesn’t exactly help.

I am certain I will get into a routine with blogging soon. Six days and counting until I get WiFi so I don’t have to rely on Hotspots and coffee fixes (that I can’t afford) which will result in many more blog posts. I have so many ideas for posts that I’m itching to write about: long distance relationships, moving out, general chit-chats like this one and a backlog of book reviews that is a little overwhelming, too. A final say of kudos to everybody who creates incredible content – blog or otherwise – whilst working a full time job. It is so hard to juggle everything when all you want to do is sleep when you have the chance to.

Do you blog whilst working full time? Do you struggle with it? What are your tips for successful blogging whilst maintaining a life offline?

Love, Faye xo


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