Making The Most Of My Late Twenties

It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible – Kyoko Escamilla.

Whenever I think about my age, I think of all the things I need to do before I hit thirty – visit thirty countries, establish my career, successfully complete personal projects, do “twenties” things that you can’t get away with in your thirties. I am 27 now and it is an age that my friends are starting to get married, have kids, settle down. There might be less times for random breaks away because everybody works hard to earn a living, to try and save for that never ending house deposit and because everybody is so busy that it is hard to finalise a single weekend where everybody is free from their other plans.

Lately, however, I’ve been looking into the fourth decade of our lives a little bit more, researching trends, figures and facts for work. It is fascinating to read about. There are so many articles from Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, Grazia as well as The BBC and even scholarly studies about why people peak in their thirties. From career fulfilment to the best sex, from incredible friendships and the desire to holiday better, your thirties are the time you can do all of that. That isn’t to say that I’m rushing headfirst into them. I’ve still got three years of my twenties to make the most of, and that is what I’ll do.

Being in your late twenties is a weird feeling if you think to much about it, which I am apparently doing. According to my fourteen year old self, I would have been an editor of some kind, engaged or married, with a child or two and a house of my own. I could laugh in the face of that fourteen year old self, because that is not where I want to be at all right now. Despite my desires to fulfil my personal dreams and goals, I am happy at the stage I am. I have only just started a solid career in writing, having spent my earlier twenties travelling and working in bars, pubs, retail and an estate agents. I have moved out of my family home for good. I am in a happy relationship. I love my friends and my family. I have beautiful, exciting memories of my travels, and I have learnt a great deal about myself. That isn’t to say I have learnt everything. Not just yet.


travel as much as possible.

It goes without saying that travel does not stop once I hit thirty. That would be absurd. However, the way I travel might change. I might not have the time to simply waltz off one weekend, or decide last minute that I will join that girls holiday; as aforementioned, the lack of spontaneity has already begun! I might not be able to enjoy travel in the way that I do in my twenties, like backpacking through mud and rain. Instead, I might hope for a little luxury. Or perhaps I am thinking about the apparent change too much. It is hard enough to make time to travel right now. It is still a priority, but so is settling into my new home, my best friend’s wedding next year and putting money towards life savings. Travel will always be a love of mine, and I am not ready to give it up just yet. Besides, I still want to hit that thirty before thirty target.

stay creative.

Creativity is in my blood. Literally. I feel like my creativity will blossom even more so in my thirties, but I want to make sure my twenties are the time I make it shine. I have so many different projects on the go that it is hard to keep up, but I am channelling all of my creative energies into something special that I absolutely adore. Not only that, but being creative is my job. If I wasn’t good at it, I wouldn’t be working in writing.

make time for myself and for others.

I write this on every single to do list, every single resolution list and every single goals list. When I say make time for myself, I mean without thinking about blogging, without reading a book that I need to finish to hit a deadline; I mean doing something that doesn’t have an ulterior motive, even if that motive is a passion of mine. As for others, I try and be a good daughter, a good friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin, colleague, but sometimes I get so inundated with my to do lists that my mind spirals into getting things ticked off the list. I forget to keep in contact, then feel bad and so play catch up. It shouldn’t be like that and one day, I’m going to regret not picking up the phone.

So, my late twenties – I am dedicating you to myself, my loved ones, my creativity and travel.

What are you dedicating your late twenties to?

Love, Faye xo


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