My Goals For The Rest Of 2019

Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting that being one – Marilyn Monroe.

With the month of September comes the traditional time for making goals; it is instilled into us from a young age to focus on what we want to achieve over the next year, to knuckle down and work hard during the colder months, but to also make the most of the remainder of the year. It is impossible to think that 2019 is almost on its way out because, let’s face it, once the leaves begin to fall, we’re celebrating Halloween. Once that is over, it’s a quick glance towards Bonfire Night and then full steam ahead to Christmas. When I think back to when I wrote about 2019 in January, it doesn’t seem real that I wrote those words an entire nine months ago. So much has happened since then and I’m glad to say that I have already achieved quite a few of the goals I set myself; sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve achieved until you sit down and reflect…

A mini reflection…

I wanted to visit new places in 2019 and I have certainly done that with the amount of travel I’ve done already, from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, to The Netherland’s capital of Amsterdam and the beautiful country so close to home, Ireland. I spontaneously flew to my old second home of Tenerife too, and even though I haven’t visited some places that I thought I would have this year, it’s okay. I’ve travelled far more than many can and I’m grateful I got to do that. Not only have I travelled to different places, I’ve moved to a completely new area with a different lifestyle. Gone are the daily bus journeys to the city; my commute is now a beautiful drive in the countryside. I finally got out of retail… well… sort of… which was a huge goal of mine for this year. I am now a copywriter and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It is a career jump that I needed and wanted. Health, however, took a major backseat over the summer. I can’t remember the last time I was as big as I was, not that people would notice, but I noticed and that was enough. I’m back on track and trying to maintain a level of not stuffing my face with chocolate everyday. As for blogging and social presence, I wanted to double in following. That has not happened… yet. Nevertheless, I have finally found a style that I adore and I post what I love; in turn, the followers have grown a little which is a massive bonus.

Phew! That was a quick overview!

As for the rest of the year, I have lots of plans that surround content, blogging and social. I am taking part in Blogtober next month which is already in motion even now and has been since the beginning of last month. I want to continue the Instagram content I have been creating which will be harder since the dark mornings and nights are drawing in. Basically, I want to work my bum off to create a brand for myself, something that I am truly proud of, that people love and are inspired by. Sponsored content was on my personal goals for the year; it hasn’t happened, but I’ve had plenty of other opportunities which I couldn’t be more grateful for. Besides, there’s still time!

I want to take time to chill out, but I know for a fact that it won’t happen. I get home from looking at a screen all day to looking at a different screen all night, but it is because I love writing blog posts and I love creating content. It has always been a passion, but lately it seems like something has switched on in my brain and I just want to write and create all the time. I give myself a hard time when I don’t do anything blog related, so that needs to be toned down a little. Maybe even a lot. Even the “chilled out” section has returned to blog talk. So, yeah: have more chill time.

Be present more often. I am notoriously bad for having my phone glued to my hand. I want to see what everyone’s up to and be present online, sometimes even more than being present in my own life. That is an unhealthy obsession which needs to change. Things are changing in my personal life though; I’m learning that some things you can’t take for granted and some moments you can’t ever have again. I want to appreciate every second more and focus on making the moments in my real life a priority. Things that I’m looking forward to IRL is a monthly date night with a no phones policy, seeing family and catching up with friends as well as the Christmas shopping!

As for my reading goal, I only have to read nine to hit my personal target! It is definitely doable and I am so proud of how much I’ve read this year. It is minimal compared to other readers out there, but I didn’t even reach thirty last year. For an English Literature graduate with an obsession with books, it’s a pretty poor effort. I want to broaden my bookish horizons too; I still steer towards reading young adult most of the time. Nevertheless, I am currently reading a dark horror which, believe me, is not my usual go-to; I also read The Tattooist of Auschwitz which broke my heart and opened my eyes. Books like that are the ones that I want on my bookshelf: historic, moving and inspiring.

It seems that the remainder of 2019 will be a busy one. The main thing I want to achieve is a balance between work, blog and life. I need to remember that my life comes first and as much as my blog is my passion, sometimes it needs to take a little step back in order for me to have a little R&R. You watch, I’ll have written all of this and the balance scales will still be tipped for the rest of the year as I try and do everything at once. I can’t help myself; it’s in my blood.

Shout out to Rhianna who inspired this blog post with her fab goals for the rest of the year!

What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

Love, Faye xo


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