Adapting From City Life To Country Life

Two things revolutionized my life: moving to the countryside and falling in love – Nick Love.

It has been roughly four months since I moved from The Wirral to The Cotswolds. Although technically I didn’t live in the city at home, I worked in Liverpool and class myself as a city girl. I’ve always loved wandering new cities, have felt at home at the cities I’ve visited over the years and I lived in London and Murcia during my university years. It would be a little strange to not feel as though I am a city girl because cities are the homes I’ve known for so long, no matter the location and no matter how far away from home they have been. I enjoy that bustling nature that only a city can encompass and I love the magic that the high buildings and the twinkling lights create as soon as the sun sets, not to mention the insomniac atmosphere.

Moving to The Cotswolds was a decision that was made probably about a year ago. Warren and I had only met four months previous and we had already decided that closing the gap of our long-distance relationship was the only option. If I am in a relationship, I am fully in that relationship; I really don’t see the point of making something work if there is no progression. Warren feels the same. The decision was made and fast forward a year, here we are. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a snap decision, nor was it made lightly. My entire life is up north; all of my friends and my family, not to mention the place I call home – they are all part of who I am. They are embedded in my thoughts, my feelings, my memories and my dreams. Leaving my life up there in order to begin a new chapter was extremely difficult, but I am glad I made that decision.

Living in the country is beautiful. Sometimes I cannot believe that I get to call this part of the world my home. When I tell people from home home that I now live in The Cotswolds, everyone coos about how lucky I am, which I am lucky. I’m extremely lucky to have found a partner in life, a home here and a job that is the very beginning of a long sought-after career. Sometimes I think I need to write these reflection posts to realise how far I’ve come in the space of a couple of years. If I could have predicted my future over two years ago, this would not have been it. I am beyond grateful that it is because despite the many ups and downs I’ve had over the past four months, I’m glad that I’ve had stability here, in the countryside, where even just driving past some fields and quaint villages puts a smile on my face.

Everything about living in the countryside is an adventure. Some people might think how can you say that about the country when adventure is around every corner in the city? Yes, cities are vibrant, electric and have this mystery that makes you feel so inconspicuous and yet part of something massive, but the countryside has magic of its own and I think that if you’re going to change something as big as a lifestyle – because effectively that is what I have done – then you have to adapt to your surroundings and find new pieces of beauty wherever you can. I’ve swapped my mid-week party sessions to hustling away and I’ve swapped my weekends of working retail for exploring new places that surround the area where I live. I finally understand the meaning of the art of slow living.

I think that my social life has been hit the most which I talk about in last month’s post about making friends in your twenties. I don’t really see anybody apart from Warren outside of work. There are obviously occasions when I see his family which is amazing and I get to watch him play a gig which means that I get to socialise then, but I don’t have the nights in with friends but I don’t make the effort to go out in all honesty which is difficult and hugely my own fault. Nevertheless, when people live at least thirty minutes away from your house, you can get complacent. It’s not as easy as popping in on somebody who lives just ten minutes down the road.

Adapting from city life to country life has been one of those experiences that will be etched onto my memory for life. I had such a difficult time in the beginning. My emotions were all over the place, I missed home, my mood changed dramatically and even my body has changed. Now, a part of me doesn’t know whether I could go back to city life… but that part may be very small…. Especially when your mate messages you to say one of your favourite authors are heading to your home city… There are certainly lots of things I miss out on from leaving the city, but that is a different post for a different day. For now, I am quite happy to contemplate my little life in the countryside surrounded by all the gorgeousness that Britain has to offer.

Have you ever had a massive lifestyle change? What thoughts and emotions did you go through?

Love, Faye xo


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