The Gaston Luga Backpack You Can Take Anywhere

Let your memory be your travel bag – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

This bag has been gifted in exchange for content creation. All views are my own as always.

Bags are like shoes: beautiful, reliable and addictive. You can never have too many because they all come with different uses, can be styled with different outfits and are versatile for different occasions. The Gaston Luga backpack is no different. This bag in style Classy can be used on so many occasions and is one that I would recommend investing in, especially if you are an avid traveller, adventurer, or love to carry a lot of items with you day to day.

It has the simplicity of Scandinavian style with a classic edge that is only born in Europe. Its sizes and shapes range from a mini A5 to fifteen inches to suit your needs, and the colours are beautiful black that goes with everything – as black always does – black with a pop of pink, a stunning autumnal burgundy with black, neutral brown and sand tones as well as brilliant navy and brown.

Go anywhere with Gaston Luga and do it in a classic, chic style…


This is every traveller’s dream bag for hopping onto a plane with. It is a great size, very Mary Poppins, and will go with any outfit you wear, whether you dress up or down. The bag will fit under the seat in front of you so you don’t have to continuously get up and down from your seat, impacting your relaxing flight or interrupting the people around you – if you’re anything like me, you pray for seats of your own or an aisle seat when travelling solo. It doesn’t matter as much if you’re with friends and family. Plus, it has a slot on the back of the bag for your phone – a great ease of access, and a separate compartment where you can place essentials such as your passport, tickets, purse or travel-sized bottles that need to be on show when going through security. I will be taking this bag with me when I go on future city breaks because of its versatility and compact style!


Everybody needs a decent bag for work. Your work bag becomes your life and you end up throwing everything you come across in there in the hopes that if you think you’ve lost something, you’ll know exactly where it is. It is amazing for the lunch trips for snacks and motivational remedies (I always need a can of coke during the mid-afternoon) because there is enough room to pop items in your bag, meaning less plastic, less recycling needs and less waste. The Gaston Luga Classy backpack will hold all your essentials, including multiple diaries, planners and notebooks so that you are always organised in whatever work environment you find yourself in.

My essentials: sunglasses, purse, toiletries, planner and pen, deodorant, keys, current read, notebook.


When you go out for an entire day, you don’t want to be carrying lots of bags, or worried that you will forget something crucial. Having a backpack that allows you the space for everything from food, to water, to notebooks, pens, accessories and necessities makes life a little bit easier. Soon enough you turn into the person you never thought you would be at a young age: your mum. You have everything that everyone needs because you have the capacity to hold it in, making you everyone’s best friend. Whether you are heading to a castle for a day, going to a theme park or having a day full of shopping, the Gaston Luga backpack is your number one accessory.


I want to make sure that 2020 is full of adventures and I need a bag that will make me comfortable and packed with essentials, no matter what I’m doing. This backpack is amazing for hands-free activities, especially those that require a little bit of adrenaline, whether that is climbing a mountain or hundreds of steps, wandering through cobbled streets or roaming through woods. It is a bag that is durable with a sophisticated style that makes every adventure photo-ready.

For every Gaston Luga backpack you purchase right now, you will get a free Arlig travel bag that is worth £29. It is structured with clear PVC so that your individual items won’t wriggle about during movement. It is also amazing for being able to pinpoint your essentials with just a swift glance, making life that much easier.

Make use of my discount code – FAYBELINE – which will get you an incredible 15% off all items.

Happy investing!

What are your backpack essentials wherever you go in the world?

Love, Faye xo


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