My Perfect Sunday Evening In Autumn

Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week – Harry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Sunday evenings are met with either dread or excitement. The weekend is almost over and it’s time to get back into gear for the week ahead. I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday evenings: sometimes I love them and other times I wish it were Friday night all over again. It helps when Sunday evenings are spent doing what you love most, and are specifically catered to recuperating for the week ahead… especially if the weekend has been a heavy one full of fun, memories and tequila. Sundays in Autumn and Winter are much different to those during the summer months. Summer is for Sunday Funday, a glass of G&T or wine, a BBQ and long evenings whilst the sun is up. The colder, darker months are for hibernating. At least, that’s what they are to me.


I don’t need a Sunday Roast to celebrate the end of the week. In fact, the sparser the roasts the better for me; having them every single week for a very long time kinda ruined the notion for me. Nevertheless, having a hearty meal on a Sunday evening is perfect. Whether it’s pasta, meat and veg, or a homecooked pizza, as long as it’s been made (nearly) from scratch, it is the best kind of meal to enjoy on a Sunday. It makes me feel all cosy and warm and full, which is usually needed after having a late breakfast that eats into the dinner hour.


I am awful for the amount of times I wash my hair. I’m surprised I’m not notoriously known for it in work by now. Sometimes it can get to as long as a week without pampering my hair to some water and shampoo. Sundays are for starting the week off right and washing my hair ready for Monday morning makes me feel like I have my shit together a little bit more. Plus, a long, hot shower just before bed makes me feel warm and toasty, ready for a good night’s sleep.


This kind of doesn’t make sense with the point before: PJs, then shower, then PJs again? That kind of behaviour is usually reserved for when I’m really ill but muster up the strength to get into the shower. However, on a cosy Sunday evening, it’s got to be done, especially if my hair is atrocious which – as I said before – it usually is. Getting lovely and warm in pyjamas is the best way to elongate a Sunday evening, making Monday morning come around a little slower. Besides, PJs are just the best thing during autumn and winter. Everybody’s attire consists of work clothes and PJs. It’s just the norm for British people everywhere, right?


Every weekend has to end with treats. Watching a film, usually one from childhood or an epic historical fiction one, is the best way to wind down and focus on something that isn’t blogging or housework related. It allows my brain to relax (if it hasn’t relaxed all weekend) and can sometimes be the perfect background noise for a mini nap. As for the chocolate, chocolate helps everything! It puts a smile on my face, turns my frown upside down and, quite frankly, makes Sunday evenings that much better… especially if it’s the new orange-flavoured Twirl!


For the final countdown to catching those Zzz’s, I love to read in bed with the lamp on. It takes me somewhere completely different for a little while and allows my brain to quieten, focusing solely on the words in front of me. The low-lit light is enough to send me to Snoozeville and before I know it, it’s time to switch off the lights and go to sleep… unless it’s a book that I can’t put down. Then, I have a problem.

Which ingredients make up your perfect Sunday evening?

Love, Faye xo


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