6 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons – Stephen Chbosky.

When I was thinking about what topic to write today’s blog post on, I simultaneously started to think about what has happened so far this month. It has been quite a busy one, very busy in fact. I’ve been doing the normal things every day: going to work, blogging, cooking tea, tidying etc., but I have also had amazing weekends to look back on as well as those that I’d rather forget. It’s all about balance which apparently also includes my swinging emotions. Focusing on the happy parts can be difficult during the times that a grey fog hangs in the air; you know those days that you’d rather sleep away in order to start again. Nevertheless, those happy moments are what make life so amazing, and they don’t have to be massive, life-altering events; small, lovely pieces of happiness can bring the same immense amount of joy too. As we begin to round up the month, I wanted to share just some of the things that have made me happy this month and I hope this inspires you to think what has made you happy too.


Okay, so technically one of my best friends came to visit just before the month began, but I’m counting it in this post because it was around thirty days ago that she visited. It was completely last minute and she is an absolute star for booking her train ticket just a couple of hours before getting on the train. We had an amazing night, just like old times. It goes to show that, with true friends, it really doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you last saw each other. The next morning was hilarious too. It was the kind of weekend that truly soothed my soul (without getting all spiritual) because I had a piece of home right there with me in my new home.

The last visitors I had were my Dad and Uncle the weekend just gone. It was a pretty fleeting visit as all weekend visits are, I guess. We didn’t do much at all: mainly watched DVDs. Dad and I sat on the sofa and had a dad-daughter cuddle which we haven’t done in years and my uncle slept a lot after our wanderings through thick rain and eating a full lunch. I was a little bit heartbroken after they left, and the lack of sleep didn’t help. A 6.40am wake up call on a Sunday is not the one. I’m hoping that is doesn’t rain next time so that we can do something more than dash through the streets and get soaked.


Before I moved south, my best friend and I had weekly (most of the time) rendezvouses with prosecco where we basically just word-vomited everything that was in our heads and helped each other out with brutal honesty and a good ear to listen to. We haven’t had a catch up like that in ages and so we scheduled in a phone call (which we haven’t done since being teenagers) for a long, overdue catch up. Two hours and twenty minutes later we were all talked out and I’d drunk through a bottle of wine in celebration!


This month has been the best month I’ve had in views ever. I’ve worked so hard attempting blogtober and as the light at the end of the tunnel brightens, I can’t help but feel completely and utterly grateful to everyone who has read, liked, commented and shared this month’s posts. Every time I watch my views go up, I do a little jig knowing that people are reading my work and enjoying it. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart if you’ve even just read this one blog post. It really does mean the world.


Going to work also means enjoying a social life. Work is for working, obviously, but I have such good friendships with people in work that I get excited about seeing them again, especially if they’ve been off for a while; let’s be honest, even a day. I feel like I can moan to them and have a laugh with them. And sometimes, all it takes is a look and you both know what the other is thinking. The fact that I have that after just five months of working somewhere is amazing and it really helps when I’m feeling a little low about the lack of social life I have right now.


Work has been busy. It is the run up to Christmas which, in retail terms, is the biggest, most stressful, time of the year. I have a lot of to do lists. You don’t even want to know how big they are. I don’t want to know how big they are. I’ve seen a fraction and that’s big enough, but it keeps me busy and it keeps me creative, even when my mind is frozen with writer’s block. I’ve undertaken a lot of projects recently which have seen positive results and I’m proud to say that I’ve worked for that and been a part of it. Not every working day is amazing, but when you feel satisfied with the work you’re creating, you can’t help but leave the office with a bit of a buzz at the end of the day.


This month has been amazing for blogger opportunities. There may have only been two (that just so happened to be in the same week), but that is far more than I have had for a good few months. Blogging, for me, is hard. It’s hard work for everyone and there are days when I do get down about the fact that I haven’t grown a great deal in the five years that I’ve been doing this now. However, when somebody enjoys your work enough to want to collaborate (gifted or otherwise), it gives you such a good feeling inside. Blogging this month has been painful in some ways and incredible in others and I’m so grateful for the opportunities no matter how sparse they are. If you want to see which gifted collaborations I’m talking about, you can do so here and here.

What are the things that have made you happy this month?

Love, Faye xo


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