Tips For Daily Blogging With A Full Time Job

Enthusiasm for one’s goal lessens the disagreeable of working towards it – Thomas Eakins.

I’ve written about blogging with a full-time job, but daily blogging with a full time job is a completely different ball game. I truly thought I had it in the bag this month. I started planning the content in August, even writing the earlier posts on Word so that I had some sort of head start before the 1st October came around. Nevertheless, I started to fall a little bit behind and currently I’m having to write, edit and shoot photos for each blog post to go up on that very day. It is hard work after sitting in front of a computer screen from 8.30am until 5pm and then driving the 35-minute journey home. If you are determined to set yourself a goal of blogging everyday for a monthly challenge such as Blogtober or Blogmas, I urge you to reconsider (just kidding!) and make sure that you know the stress you are letting yourself in for. Daily blogging is not easy; I doubt that I’d do it again, if I’m honest. Nevertheless, I have seen the benefits of creating new content every single day and it is a challenge that I’m proud to say I’ve very nearly completed. If I can do this with a full-time job, then so can you.

Here are the very basic tips to help you get organised with daily blogging with a full time job…


August wasn’t even early enough for me. If you know early in the year that you will be doing some sort of daily blogging challenge, begin to plan your content, brainstorm titles and ideas, and get together some images that you want to use during the period that you’re blogging every day. It really does make a difference, even if it is a little one. Write everything down in your planner or create a spreadsheet like I did. For the majority of the month, and especially beforehand, that spreadsheet was my Blogtober lifesaver. I tracked everything I had done for each post which made sure I knew where I was up to. I’d also recommend scheduling the first week of content before the month even begins. It takes off so much pressure once the 1st of the month comes around and gives you that time to focus on the rest of the coming weeks.


The prospect of having to sit with your laptop open every evening may not fill you with immense joy. After all, as much as we love blogging and have this insane passion for it, sometimes it would be nice to take a break and look at something else rather than a Word document or a photo editing app. However, if you work towards this goal a little bit each day – just as you would with any other goal – it will massively help you achieve it. It doesn’t have to be an entire blog post (unless you’re falling behind that I currently am); instead, edit a few photos, or write a couple of paragraphs. Everything you do today will be crossed off the list for tomorrow.


Weekends are for relaxing, socialising and having a general break. That won’t happen too much if you want to get ahead of your daily blogging schedule. I’ll be honest: I’ve had nearly all of my October weekends off because I have been busy doing other things and I’ve had off days which is normal. It’s okay to not force yourself to complete your to do list when you feel like utter shit. For the weekends where you feel pumped and rearing to go with your daily blogging, set aside a few hours to get a load of your to do list done. It might be better of a morning if you tend to sit around the house chilling, or if you’d rather work on your blog of an evening, get wrapped up under a cosy blanket, get a drink and start typing. Try not to spend all of your weekend at your laptop (however tempting that might be) and try and be as productive as possible in those hours you are blogging. You might find that short chunks of time will make you work harder because you know you can have a break (from everything!) for the rest of the day.


The majority of the struggles with daily blogging can be to do with the creative side: thinking of new ideas. I read the general Blogtober lists and feel a little deflated with the ideas; I’ve seen them all before and I don’t want to recreate something that has been done a hundred times before. Obviously, there will be posts that cross over into that area, but that is because I genuinely want to write about the topic and not because it’s a last-minute ditch to create something for the blog because I couldn’t think of anything else. You won’t enjoy writing about it which will waste more of your precious time and your readers won’t enjoy it either. Keep a notebook with you and jot down something you spontaneously think of, or write it in your Notes app. You can always disregard your earlier ideas for something new or find an old idea and suddenly become inspired to create content for it. In short, ideas are key for daily blogging.


Personally, I find the photography side of daily blogging far more difficult than the writing itself. The evenings are darker – pitch black right now – which means the level of photography will be lower than the photos I take in daylight. It also means that I can’t very well take amazing outfit shots outside, and it is far too chilly to do so. During the weekends, I rope Warren into helping me with multiple outfit shots. Before now, I’ve had three outfits shot in one day because I needed the content. That means I’ve had imagery for three different blog posts which is amazing, especially when I have to figure out what to photograph on the same day as the post’s publication – like todays. Having a bank of photos simply takes the pressure off and gives you a sigh of relief when you think you have no pictures for a post you’ve just written.

Most of all: enjoy it!

Daily blogging is a challenge and I commend you for wanting to set yourself a goal and see it through. As much as I’ve stressed about Blogtober this month, I’m really proud of myself and when I see my engagement increase, it gives me such an amazing feeling. Following some of these tips helped me tremendously in the beginning – I just wish I kept my level of organisation up! Learn from my mistakes – don’t have a three-hour nap when you should be blogging and try not to get ill too!

Will you give daily blogging a go? Do you have any tips for daily blogging with a full-time job?

Love, Faye xo


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