A Look Back At My Halloween Costumes Through The Years

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story – Mason Cooley.

I feel a little bit sad that I’m not taking part in dressing up this Halloween. I’ve seen friends and bloggers alike share snaps of their amazing outfits and incredible makeup, whilst I sit back and think maybe next year. I also said this last year, but unfortunately getting in the spooky mood has been the last thing on my mind this month. I’m determined to make more of an effort next year… which is always said when coming to the end of something whilst feeling a good dose of FOMO. To make myself feel a little better and get in the nostalgic mood, I thought I’d share some of the Halloween costumes I’ve had over the years… mainly during my university years where Halloween was celebrated with a huge party.


I hope I still have this red dress somewhere. It served me extremely well all the way through my university years. I bought it at TK Maxx in Putney for a flatmate’s Disney-themed birthday party – I was the Red Queen. It also acted as a Mean Girls-esque Red Devil which I adored dressing up as in my second year. I was always a witch when I was little, and the Devil was something that always appealed to me except I never had the costume for it. It was one of the cheapest costumes I’d ever had for Halloween because I already had everything in my wardrobe, including the red shoes and horns. I only had to buy some red glitter for my eyes (which killed coming off in the early hours of the next morning after a few too many drinks and partying the night away) et voila! I was a little red Devil and absolutely loving life.


I won’t lie and tell you I did the skeleton side of my makeup. I am not that artistic when it comes to makeup at all. My friend who I lived with did it for me for the very last Halloween Bop of my time at the University of Roehampton ever. I couldn’t thank her enough. I did the other half in green because I wanted to create a half-dead Green Envy look… I think. In all honesty, when I look back, I didn’t do much that Halloween apart from having skull vibes. I loved that night. We hosted a pre-party in our flat – we called it the Penthouse Suite because it was the top floor and you could see the London skyline in the distance – made jelly shots, had some sort of Halloween decorations I think and basically had an open house. It was fab; one of the best nights at university. I’d love to be able to recreate this look, but I just know my technique is not up to scratch. If I practice, maybe I’ll be able to become a skeleton in a year’s time.


When I worked at a creative agency in Liverpool, we held a Halloween event called DeadFest where we spent the entire day creating zombies for a zombie bar crawl around Liverpool. It was amazing getting the fake gashes and blood put on – I always love a pamper, no matter how gruesome – but taking it off at 4am the next morning was not the best feeling. I’d never dressed up as a zombie for Halloween before and so it was a fab change. I put on a pretty summer dress (with bare legs in October?!) with my bum bag and pretended I was a zombie shot girl. At least I knew I wouldn’t lose my bag as I stumbled through the streets of Liverpool as a flesh-eating zombie.


In the run up to Halloween during my Australian travels, I was so excited about getting to Cairns and celebrating All Hallows Eve in the true Cairns way: a lot of partying and a lot of goon. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to dress up as, especially as I left it super late to go Halloween shopping. Plus, the heat was too stifling to wear anything cheap or heavy. I found a red lace mask (and now I can’t believe I left it somewhere intentionally because it wouldn’t fit in my backpack), used an old black eyeliner to carve some sort of freaky stitched lines across my lips and gave myself a slit throat at the same time. I guess I ended up with a Phantom of the Opera meets Zombie vibe. As for the second round of Halloween partying – I still don’t know how I turn into a party animal as soon as I step foot out of the UK, it was a half ghostly face that a travel buddy of mine did for me after I turned up completely Halloween-makeup free. My clothes weren’t full of Halloween angst, but I forgave myself as I was used to plummeting temperatures instead of soaring ones.

I also really wanted to find some photos from when I was little. Every single year I would go to my auntie’s house for the best Halloween party ever, plus Trick or Treating! I remember my witches costume when I was really small; my mum drew a spider on my cheek for me, alongside the vampiress I begged for at the local shop that was a treasure trove of cheap things. My cousins still have parties there now and get dressed up in amazing costumes. Next year, I am having a Halloween party and decking everything out a lá my auntie. If I start planning now, it’ll have to happen, right? I think I fell out of love of Halloween when I became a teenager and fell back in love with it when I could party with my friends amongst a huge crowd of dressed up students in a massive sports hall full of flashing lights and horror music. Ah, the student life.

Reminiscing about my Halloween looks over the years has injected more excitement about the impending night of doom where the veil to the other side lifts. I may not be doing much in terms of dressing up, but I can relish in the fact that I have definitely enjoyed my fair share of Halloween costumes throughout my life and I will return next year with something fantastically gruesome.

Which have been your favourite Halloween looks throughout life?

Love, Faye xo


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