Blogtober Reflection – My Top Three Posts And Why

I am falling for you sweet October – Charmaine J. Forde.

Blogtober has come to an end. I would say sadly, but I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit relieved. I have pushed myself to my blogging and creative limits this month which has seen me break down in more ways than one. I’ve done this to myself, I’m aware, but as I’ve said all along: I set myself a challenge and I am very proud to say I have seen it through all the way until the end. As a mini round up, I thought I’d share my favourite three Fayebeline posts that I loved the most this month and the reasons why.


This wasn’t a planned post; I got home from work one evening and decided I wanted to talk about the 30 countries before turning 30 years-old challenge. It is one that I am actively working towards and get really excited about whenever I think about the prospect of travel, exploring a new country and ticking something else off the never-ending bucket list. Whenever I write something down, I am more likely to do it and so creating this blog post was almost a promise to myself to travel more in the coming years and fulfil a goal of mine that would see me exploring the world and doing something I love dearly. Plus, I looked back at all my Australia and Bali posts which was like going back in time. I still can’t believe I was travelled across Australia three years ago. And the best thing? Nobody can ever take those incredible memories away from me, nor the ones that I will make in the future.


This is one of the first blog posts I wrote before October even started. I love talking about tattoos, especially my own (self-absorbed much?) because each of them has a story to tell. Whether it is the story behind the image itself, the story of getting the ink done, or the story of how my love for tattoos began in the first place. Additionally, I’d always wanted incredible images of my tattoos and I certainly got that with the help of Warren. I am so proud of this blog post because it made me appreciate my own skin and fall in love with my tattoos all over again.


This blog post is one of my most-read this month. Everybody loves a good career journey; I know I do! In fact, the career ladder feature in Glamour magazine used to be my favourite, most inspiring, page to read. I enjoyed writing this post and I think it was a post that had been coming for a short while. I am immensely proud of myself for bagging a job where I get to work with SEO and write all day long. It is not an easy job when that writer’s block hits, but one that I thoroughly enjoy. There was a time that I never thought I’d get paid to write and now I can officially say that I do. I enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane of various jobs to see how far I’ve come since graduating. It only took me five years to do something related to my degree!

They are my personal top three favourite blog posts that I have written this month. I’d love to know which ones you enjoyed the most, and if you’ve done blogtober yourself, please tell me your favourite ones of your own!

Love, Faye xo


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