A Weekend To Remember – Jeremy Loops at Brixton & Wedding Dress Shopping

The best times we’ve had on earth are usually with those we love – Van Harden.


Hey, hi, hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t had much to write about lately; well, that’s a fib… I haven’t had the motivation to write, but when an epic weekend occurs (I’m talking two cities in 24 hours for two exceptional occasions), I want to relive every second over and over again and memorialise it on the blog so that I can always come back and read about these incredible moments whenever the need arises.

The overview of it all: I travelled to London to see legendary musician (who you all need to listen to immediately) Jeremy Loops on Saturday night, returned home in the early hours, went to bed and got up early on Sunday morning to drive north to Sheffield to see my best friend find her dream wedding dress. I returned home a few hours later. Within 25 hours, I had travelled approximately 316 miles. Every second was worth it. Every. Single. Second.


Jeremy Loops is an independent musician from South Africa. I found him at a time in my life when I was at a loss. I had just come out of a relationship; I was about to quit a job that was making me unhappy and I wanted to feel inspired again. His video for Waves popped up on a sponsored Instagram story; the beautiful blues and vastness of the ocean lured me in as did the lyrics and the melody of a song I now call my favourite (my other favourite song is also called Waves by Mr. Probz – do you see a pattern here?). I would listen to it in the dead of night, whenever I needed inspiration of any kind and because it was – still is – a song that puts a huge smile on my face.

Warren and I went to Jeremy Loop’s gig at the Roundhouse in February where he announced his Brixton gig, but it wasn’t until a month before the big day that we booked our tickets on a (slightly irrational, this-will-never-happen-again) whim. I had doubts because I knew I had to get up early and travel the following morning, but I am so glad we got to experience that night – it was unlike anything I had ever been a part of before.

Jeremy Loops and his band put on one big party. They danced around the stage, laughed and joked with each other as well as the 5000 members of the Brixton Academy crowd. The lights were magic. The songs were electric. The entire atmosphere buzzed with an excitement and adrenaline that was insanely addictive. You couldn’t help but have a good time in that building with his music pumping through the air and the entire audience singing every single word. There were solemn moments, moments of raw gratitude and love that transcended the entire venue. It was the best thing I’d ever experienced musically. I’m almost sad that it’s over because I know that he won’t be touring again until late next year. We’re hoping to travel abroad to see one of his shows during the next tour, do it in style, but still attend the London show; after all, London is the city that he first travelled to abroad and it is one that continually grows with love for his music.



I slept for about an hour and a half of the drive home from London. We got into bed at 1.45am where I slept until 7am. I was showered and dressed with a (very bad) coffee in hand by 7.20am and on the road five minutes later. I won’t bore you with the multiple wrong turnings I made whilst using the SatNav which included one that added twenty-five minutes to my journey… I think I was buzzing from adrenaline (and coffee) because I wasn’t tired on the way up there. Plus, I don’t particularly love driving long distances so that probably occupied the back of my mind the entire way.

I was only ten minutes late! Ellie’s sister, Liz, met me outside the stunning bridal boutique, in a little village called Pilsley in Bakewell, called Alexandra Anne. The place is absolutely stunning, full of beautiful dresses that I could only glimpse at because I was far more interested in seeing my best friend and getting the bridal appointment going. Jess, the owner, welcomed me with open arms, making sure I was comfortable along with Ellie’s mum and Liz. There was beautiful china positioned upon gorgeous pieces of furniture and the seats we sat on were stunning too. I’ve never seen a wedding dress boutique like it – not that I’ve been inside any before, but I’ve seen them on images and online. The room had a gorgeous curtain partition where the brides-to-be step into their gowns for the first time. There was so much space and I really think that makes a difference in the entire experience, even just for us bridal party.

The very first dress had me in tears. It was the one that Ellie had originally sent to me when she told me about the appointment. It is stunning, and I say is because it is the one that she will be getting married in. Even writing those words and remembering seeing her in that dress is very nearly making me cry. I need to pull it together if I’m going to walk behind her on her and Adam’s big day. I remained having a special spot for that dress throughout the entire fitting. The other dresses were beautiful, but it was always going to be that dress.

After a stunning morning spent among beautiful gowns and with people who I love, it was time for food and to talk more wedding talk such as venues, flowers and bridesmaid dresses! And then, sadly, it was time to get back to the car and drive home. At that point, fatigue hit me square in the face and the motorways are a complete blur of grey and cars. I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic compared to the early hours.

I was home by 4pm and in my PJs very soon after that.


It is moments like these that I am truly grateful for. The weekend was jam-packed with incredible moments that will stay with me forever and I’m looking forward to many more weekends like them… except the amount of driving!

Have you been to see your favourite musician and been in awe of them? Or been mesmerised by seeing a loved one in the dress of their dreams?

Love, Faye xo


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