Life In The Canaries – How Tenerife Stole My Heart

The way it brings out the blue in your eyes is the Tenerife sea – Ed Sheeran.

This is a sponsored post to promote the Balearic and Canary Islands, but all opinions and experiences are my own.

The first holiday abroad that I remember was our family holiday to Tenerife when I was eleven years old. We flew out on Friday 13th August (also my uncle’s birthday) for two weeks of sun, relaxation and family time. I’ll never forget that holiday. We celebrated two birthdays, got tans, had so many laughs and created wonderful memories. It’s no wonder Tenerife stole my heart, making me return year upon year for family holidays which turned into multiple girls’ holidays and eventually had me experience the worker’s life during the summer of 2014.

I became a shot girl, then a meet and greet person, then a PR and then a shot girl again in the space of two months (that was separated with my graduation from uni, a trip to Disneyland Paris and a trip to Marbella). Summer 2014 was a busy time!

Working in Tenerife is something that I hadn’t always planned on doing. I certainly saw the appeal: the fun, the friendships, the copious amounts of free alcohol, the sunshine and the ocean. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until my cousin popped the idea into my head that I finally went ahead and booked the experience. It was an incredible time of my life that was filled with a lot of laughter, a lot of memories and a lot of hilarious stories to bring home. I became a nocturnal creature, the kind that sleeps all day (despite it being gloriously hot and sunny outside) and parties all night. There is a saying when you work at party destinations abroad: You always know who the workers are because of the lack of tan. It’s true. I lost all my tan by the end of August and it was because my daily routine would begin at around 4pm when I’d wake up. I’d go to work for 9 or 10pm, work until 4am and go out until 6 or 7am. I wouldn’t change any of it. I think every 22-year-old needs a blow out of some sorts and working in Tenerife was mine.

Nevertheless, I wish I had seen more of the island itself such as visiting Costa Adeje –  a place the entire family used to visit at least once for a gorgeous meal of tapas and wine (not that I could drink it at the time because I was a young teenager). I would loved to visit the mountains and national parks that Tenerife is so famous for as well as tasted the different cuisines instead of grabbing a McDonalds or Chinese takeaway on my way to work. Tenerife, for me, is a little bubble of San Eugenio and Playa de Las Americas – basically the most touristy part you can think of.

As for recommendations, there are two places I wholeheartedly adore for full days out. They are completely different to one another, but equally amazing: Kaluna Beach Club and Siam Park. I was lucky enough to visit when both of these iconic venues were just starting out and it has been incredible to watch them both grow into attractions that people fly across the world to see…


Kaluna is famous for its pool parties, a venue for hen and stag dos alike, not to mention birthdays, anniversaries and the general hot spot for any Tenerife holiday. Workers and tourists mingle and mix together, basking in the glorious Tenerife sun with a cocktail (100% recommend the daquiris they make) in one hand and food in the other. The infinity pool looks out over the beach and the ocean, a spot that is both relaxing and thriving. With global DJs such as John Gibbons and Sam Divine as the party starters, you know you’re in for a good time. Kaluna Beach Club embodies luxury, fun and sophistication and is the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean as the evening draws in. During the quieter months, it is a place for a relaxing drink, but in the height of summer, it is a completely different world.


Siam Park is one of those places on holiday that you need to prepare for i.e. it is a full on day and you have to get up early in order to make the most of your day there. That isn’t so great when you’re out having the best night of your life the evening before. It is a place for the entire family, from babies to your grandparents. There is a colossal amount of water rides that will make you screech and laugh. There is the Lazy River, perfect for bobbing along and enjoying the sunshine… or having a race against your mates, depending on the crowd you’re running with. The man-made beach and wave pool is ideal for when you want a spot of sunbathing and paddling in the shallow end. As for the deep end, when those waves come on, you better be ready. Top tip: if you can bear the heat on your feet, don’t take your flip flops as they may get lost in the pit of flip flops at the edge of each ride. Also, leave your phone in your locker so that you’re not worried about it falling out of a ride when you need to grab hold tight. Live in the moment and have a laugh with your friends and family!

Tenerife always has a place in my heart and I’m almost not willing to visit the rest of the Canary Islands because I’ve signed some unwritten contract to only ever visit Tenerife. Maybe one day I’ll venture to a different island, but for now… when do we go again?!

If my experiences weren’t memorable enough, it inspired me to write an article that got published on the Cosmopolitan UK website, one of my top achievements as a blogger and writer to date, and it inspired this post about why girls holidays are needed whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Photos were taken in 2014, so no judging the quality in comparison to 2019 content! Didn’t curate for the feed back then. Lived for the life of tanning instead!

Have you visited Tenerife? Have you lived out there for a period of time? Every experience is different, and I know a lot of people who prefer the gorgeous sunny Island of Fernando instead of the UK. Who wouldn’t want to live there?!

Love, Faye xo


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