The Happiest Moments Of 2019

Happiness depends upon ourselves – Aristotle.

And so the round up posts begin. Originally, I was going to write an entire 2019 round up of the year post but a) that would take far too long and b) a lot of the goings on happened off the screen aka this is not where I want to share them. 2019 has been incredibly hard, especially the past six months and so I want to only reflect on the happier times because, well, I’ve spent far too much time thinking about the bad. That isn’t to say that 2019 has been a complete waste. I have made some incredible memories, had so many laughs and achieved so much in the space of one year. I couldn’t have done it (gonna sound cheesy AF) without my inner circle, those who I have fallen back on countless of times and who have made me smile and laugh, no matter how far the distance. Without getting extremely soppy and emotional, let’s crack on with the happiest moments of my 2019…


I love birthdays, I love celebrating huge milestones and I love spoiling my loved ones, so when I decided to surprise Warren with a trip to Amsterdam, it could not have gone better – even if I did have to break his heart a tiny bit with a white lie about not having the time off work to go beforehand. His face was a picture and giving him that gift just made my day so much better because he was so HAPPY. We stayed in Birmingham together and went to our favourite haunts: Bill’s and Brewdog and we also went guitar shopping which was actually pretty fun plus we visited the pie pub too. What’s not to love?

Technically, this photo is from when Warren suprised me in Feb…


Ah, Tenerife! That island will forever hold my heart. What was a very spontaneous trip became the story of legends. I am not exaggerating. I flew out to meet Kerry and Steph for four nights and barely any daylight for a holiday of drinks, hangovers, Full English’s and so many laughs. It was an incredible holiday that we continue to talk about almost daily. I am so grateful for this holiday, for much more than getting drunk, rocking to bed at 6am and having zero tan.


Walking the Antrim Coastal Walk from Dunseverick to the Giant’s Causeway on a ten mile round trip was by far the highlight of Ireland for Warren and I. We didn’t realise how long it was going to take us so I’m hugely grateful for our forward thinking of planning to attempt it on a full day rather than an afternoon. The weather was perfect for walking. We got a little bit of a tan, but it wasn’t sweltering so much that we felt out of breath. The views were breath-taking and there was that mind-blowing moment when you realise just how small you are on this planet. We wandered to a pub which served the best chicken burger I’ve ever tasted and stepped onto the Giant’s Causeway itself which is mesmerising. I highly, highly recommend everyone to do the Antrim Coastal Walk during a trip to Northern Ireland. Don’t forget your walking boots!


Freddie is my new best friend. He has four legs, a tail and teeth as sharp as knives. He is the cutest thing around, and I literally adore him. I want to bring him home every time I leave the Wirral and I always can’t wait to see him again. There are no words for the level of cuteness and the love I have for him.


Moving in together meant closing the distance finally! For anyone in a long distance relationship, you know how big a moment this is! We did it! There have been ups and downs, but that moment when we closed our door to our first home together with all our boxes in the middle of the living room and two chairs was just magical. It really was. I felt like I was at home too which is a wonderful feeling when you’re so far away from your friends and family, and everything you’ve known your entire life. The house isn’t 100% there yet, but we’re working on it and for now, it’s my safe place.


The first time Mum came to visit was such a wonderful weekend. I remember feeling so excited, rushing off from work, making sure I got to the right place and picking her up. It was the August Bank Holiday and one of the most emotional weekends of 2019. I remember almost crushing her as I hugged her. It’s true what they say: Home is where your mum is!


I have always been envious of those couples who are flying together, embarking on a new adventure together or going to relax in the sun somewhere together. I was always the one sitting next to the cute couple on my own as I flew on my own adventures across the globe. For the first time, I got to fly with Warren! It was my favourite kind of flight: early in the morning. I’ve always gotten the most excited about airports when I have to get there in the middle of the night and settling in on the plane just as the sun begins to rise. I’m pretty sure we slept the entire way to Amsterdam, but it was exhaustion from the excitement and lack of sleep.


A lot has happened this year and my mindset has gone through a lot of motions, but I’ve overcome a lot. I finally got a step on the career ladder that I went to university for. I’ve started to monetise the blog a little bit more. I am in the midst of creating another project I’m really proud of. I’ve moved away from home. I’ve saved money and I’ve enjoyed spending it (not all of the time, but that can’t be helped) and I’ve become that little bit stronger, even though I truly don’t feel like it at times. I’m feeling pretty good about 2020 and excited about the happiest moments the next year will bring!

What are your happiest moments of 2019?

Love, Faye xo


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