2020 – I’m Ready For You!

Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try – Dennis DeYoung.

I really feel like this year is my year. You know that cliché saying that everybody says on the 1st January and then it slowly disintegrates into the abyss as everyday reality resumes and that hope for a better year sizzles and disappears. Not this year! This year I am making sure that I stick my positive head on and tick off those goals I have set for myself. It will be a toughy (because – as always – I’ve written a list as long as my arm), but I’m hoping and praying that by the end of the year, I will have achieved some pretty incredible things, made beautiful memories along the way and lived for every day instead of wishing it away.

I am in two minds about whether to share my goals for 2020. There are a lot of them and some that I am keeping close to my chest for definite. Plus, there’s the added pressure (I think) that when you put your goals out into the world, you feel like a little bit more of a failure if you don’t achieve them. That being said, I’m pretty certain nobody will remember my goals from 2019, only me, and this blog post is all about the future, not the past.

Instead, I will share some things that I am excited for this year – the things that are already in place so I won’t feel that extra disappointment of not accomplishing them with all the world to see…


Yep. Exactly like the film title. My best friend is getting married in September and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle behind her as her maid of honour. I feel honoured and privileged to have been chosen. Despite not being at home and being able to talk wedding ideas and wedding problems on a weekly basis, I still feel very much in the loop. I am taking the hen party very seriously (multiple spreadsheets will be happening right after this blog post has been written) and I cannot wait to celebrate this beautiful time of my best friend’s life with her. I know the entire day will be stunning and I’m just incredibly happy that I get to be a part of her big day… and her fiancé’s too, obviously!


Three weeks tomorrow, Warren and I will be flying to Bucharest for our first holiday of 2020. The destination was chosen on a whim because it had come up on Ryanair as a go-to for the coming year. Since then, I’ve seen plenty of bloggers rave about it, including my favourite travel blogger Lucy! Plus, a colleague and friend is from Transylvania so she gave me tips on Romania itself. It is like I was destined to visit this place. This year makes it a hat trick of travelling in January. First was Prague in 2018, then Lisbon last year. I am telling you, booking a holiday straight off the bat for January is the best way to start a brand new year, especially after the excited of Christmas and New Year has well and truly fizzled out.


I say this as if I have stopped being creative. The title should be continue the loop of creativity. I want to step up my game in terms of content creation. I’m pretty good at writing about what I’m used to and I’ve worked out different filters I like on Instagram, but it can all get a little bit tedious and when that happens, I don’t want to produce new content and I find it such an effort. I love the way some creatives on Instagram use colour and artwork intertwined with their photo – Allie is a fab example of this – but, I just don’t think that’s very me; I also don’t really use video on Instagram and I definitely haven’t delved into the world of IGTV. Maybe I need to spread my wings a little bit and create something new. Nevertheless, there are other creative projects going on in the background, so watch this space!


I won’t be revealing the destinations as of yet. A) because two are a surprise for the recipients and there is no way that this blog is the reason it gets back to them and B) because some aren’t actually booked yet so I don’t want to jinx myself and end up not going. Let’s just say Summer 2020 is looking up! I might be poor as soon as autumn hits (I’m hoping not!) but at least I’ll have had the best time, right?!


It sounds cliché (again), but I really needed to close 2019’s chapter and begin a new one. I am feeling extremely hopeful about the upcoming year and, right now, it feels as though everything is possible… even my ever-growing 2020 to do list. I really want 2020 to be a year of change, of possibilities and opening brand new doors for myself, my loved ones and my community. 2019 was rocky, so 2020 has got to be better!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Love, Faye xo


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