Upping My Saving Game For 2020

A penny saved is a penny earned – Benjamin Franklin.

I’ve always been pretty good at saving money. In fact, I love watching my money boxes grow each time I put some loose change, a £2 coin, or a note, inside. It’s like a mini addiction, so much so that I point blank refuse to spend a £2 coin unless it is literally the only money I have on me. I’ll even pay with my card before I use a £2. This obsession has served me well for over a decade and has always kept my savings topped up. Now, however, I feel like I need to up my game.

2020 is a busy, expensive year. I am going on four trips abroad, I have my best friend’s wedding and I’m saving to buy a house. It is going to be jam-packed full of exciting times with incredible moments and memories to be made. Nevertheless, the amount of money I have will remain a huge factor as to how much fun I have, and I plan on having plenty of fun.

That doesn’t mean to say that I want to live my life solely to save. I need to have my days out, treat myself every now and again – a spontaneous hot chocolate from a café is a must – and I have bills to pay which pretty much takes the majority of my monthly wages. Who said it was fun being an adult? I feel like I had far more money when I was a student even though it’s students who get all the discounts, freebies and cheap drinks… not that I’m bitter about my younger self.

On average, I would love to save £350 per month. The figure would cover a lot of expenses for my holidays and is certainly an achievable target. Of course, different months have different expenses (July = the dreaded MOT month for my car aka The Devil) and unexpected costs rise no matter how frivolous or careful you plan to be. Nevertheless, I plan for 2020 to be well thought out and a really good f**king year for everything from saving for my future and making the best memories.

I have already started my saving journey by creating various spreadsheets. I have one for my monthly average outgoings, one for my monthly savings and I’ve even created one for Christmas. I want to be well and truly prepared this year instead of panic-buying and feeling like I haven’t gotten what I intended to buy for everyone. It is a start and hopefully you’ll want to see more of this money saving journey of mine, let me give saving tips and learn from my mistakes!

What are your saving tips? Have you started to save for momentous occasions and milestones?

Love, Faye xo


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