What I’m Looking Forward To Seeing In 2020

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see – Henry David Thoreau.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mister Spex UK. All views and opinions are my own.

This is the third post with 2020 in the title! I am so excited for this year, all the plans I want to make and all the things I want to achieve, so I’m indulging myself by writing about them all and hoping that you don’t roll your eyes too much. In today’s post, I want to talk about what I would love to see in this coming year, with everything from new destinations, theatre trips and everything in between. I have such a good feeling about the year ahead and I am actively creating a better lifestyle for myself with memories that I’ll be talking about in 2030!


3 new destinations – My original goal for 2020 was to visit five new countries, but then I had to rein myself in and remember that I don’t have a magic money tree growing in my back garden. So I settled for three and I’ve already booked all three. If I don’t achieve any other goals for 2020, I know that I have made more of my travel dreams come true.

A theatre performance in the West End – I’ve only ever been to one theatre show in London’s West End which was Wicked. It was an experience like no other – the anticipation in the air, the magic of the theatre, the mesmerising performances from the cast. I want to relive that feeling of suspense and elation that only the theatre can give you.

My best friend in her wedding dress – Technically, I’ve already had a sneak peek and I’m getting another one very shortly. I cried when she put this dress on for the first time and I can guarantee waterworks on the Big Day; I’ll be needing tissues and waterproof mascara!

Jeremy Loops on tour again – After spoiling me with two gigs last year, I don’t think I can go an entire year without seeing him perform at least once. I know that it won’t be at the beginning of the year because he is working on his new album (I cannot wait to get my hands on that!) so I’m hoping for another gig in November to make winter that little bit brighter.

More of the UK – I have been living in arguably the most beautiful part of the country for seven months now and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. There are beautiful castles and ruins, plenty fields of green, cottages and creeks that transport me back to another time. I want to explore more of my own part of the world just as much as anybody who travels this way does too.

To do all of this, and more, I need to make sure that I remember to take my glasses everywhere I go. I can’t see so well long distance and my eyesight has been slowly deteriorating since I was about fourteen. When it comes to my glasses, I have a bad habit of leaving them around the house and almost always forgetting them whilst we’re out and about of a weekend; I tend to miss out on the incredible details that I could be seeing. Instead, everything is a blur and not the good kindI’m not due an upgrade just yet but when I am, I’ll be heading straight over to Mister Spex UK. The brand has so many cool, unique and designer glasses for a fraction of the price with an innovative piece of technology that allows you to see what the glasses look like on without having to move from the couch. What’s more, you can try them on for free* at home and send them back within ten days if they aren’t for you. With so much to choose from, it makes wearing glasses fun again which is great for those who are a little bored of their spectacle options or want to try something a little bit quirkier than the high street norm. Mister Spex UK is ahead of the trends, showcasing what’s hot on the pulse and which styles are making a comeback, giving you hoards of inspiration for when you’re unsure what style of frames you want to dedicate your carefully earned money to. Plus, Mister Spex UK offer contact lenses (perfect for those special occasions when your frames might not make the cut) and sunglasses too!

*They will, however, place a hold on your credit or debit card and remove it once the glasses are back with them which is risky given that the glasses could be lost in transit, or be late heading back. You can contact Mr Spex UK to make sure that they are aware you have sent them back. Just be aware to not request over £400 worth of glasses and forget to return them in the specified time frame.

What are you excited to see in 2020? Do you have much planned or are you living the spontaneous life for the coming year? If you need extra eyesight like me, don’t forget your glasses on those special occasions! Nobody wants to spend an entire day squinting at something beautiful only to see blurred lines.

Love, Faye xo


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