Why You Need To Invest In A Decent Winter Coat

You have to feel the bite of the wind to appreciate the warmth of a winter coat – Fennel Hudson.

January 2020

Winter is well and truly here. I write these words as my fingers are almost numb from spending an hour outside in the cold, wearing various outfits and shooting new content. Despite the fact that I am firmly wrapped up warm in a dressing gown and blanket, with a hot drink within reach, the cold has well and truly gotten under my skin. What I did take with me was my good old, trusted, winter coat to wear between takes and for some of the photos. I am just as obsessed with it as I was when I first laid eyes on it on the River Island website over two years ago. I bought this beauty 2nd December 2017 in the sale for £115 and it has been loved to pieces. I’ve worn it in Prague, Birmingham, Liverpool, The Cotswolds and more. It’s my good coat, the one that I usually save for occasions other than work (although that has changed recently because it is extremely easy to throw on due to its size). I will be taking it to Bucharest on Friday, and I am sure that this River Island winter coat will be wrapping me up for plenty of years to come. Here are just three reasons why you should invest in a coat to keep you warm through plenty of winters and not just one…

December 2019


If you want a coat that will last, invest a little more of your hard-earned cash into a decent one. You won’t regret it. Not only will you be warm, you’ll feel like you’ve got something in your wardrobe that has that added piece of luxury. This particular winter coat is probably the most expensive item in my wardrobe. I am not one for spending loads of my wages on clothes and never really have been. Don’t get me wrong; one day I want to be able to save for a designer handbag (The Chloe Faye Bag to be exact), but right now, my saving’s priority is for something else. Nevertheless, if there is one thing I urge you to spend a little bit more on – whether you spend or save with regards to your wardrobe – is your coat. It is the item that will keep you warm and take centre stage in all your photos throughout the winter!

November 2018


Fashion comes and goes, but style is timeless. Or something like that. Different styles of coats come into fashion season upon season and if you want to keep up with trends and want (and are able) to spend your money on them, that is completely fine and completely up to you. But, if you’re like me and can’t afford to be spending hundreds on a coat for it to never be worn after one season, buy a winter coat that transcends that fashion sphere. My winter coat was in fashion at the time of purchasing it with its long, detective-style quality (wanting to look a little like a modern Sherlock Holmes did push me towards this style a little bit), but I knew that it would also be a garment that is timeless and one that can be worn again and again, no matter if it’s in fashion or not. Either that, or don’t allow the notion of it being in fashion come to mind. If you love the coat and want to wear it year after year, buy the coat.

November 2018


In a world where fast fashion contributes to 11 million items of clothing to landfill every week (Oxfam GB) and the average person contributing 1620 lbs of CO2 annually (ThredUp), we are in a time when we need to be making sustainable choices so that we don’t worsen our world, our home, that is already in a horrendous state. Investing in a coat that will last you for a good few years, or maybe even longer, will help reduce your carbon footprint and therefore, aid the world in some small yet significant way. As we head deeper into 2020, more and more people are looking to their wardrobes for fresh ideas. Styling a decent winter coat with whatever clothes you already own is a pretty good way to start!

I genuinely adore my winter coat and I am so glad that I bought it when I did. Through use, it has frayed a little bit and a couple of the gems from the brooch have snapped off. It isn’t perfect anymore, but it keeps me warm, makes me feel a little grander and is so versatile that I can wear it with jeans and a jumper whilst wandering through the city as well as over a dress for date night.

January 2018

Have you invested in a winter coat that you love? Are you on the verge of buying one that you will wear over and over?

Love, Faye xo


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