I’m Banning Myself From Buying Books

So many books, so little time – Frank Zappa.

In a few words: I have too many books.

I know, what kind of avid reader am I to even remotely suggest I have too many books? I live, breathe and work around books. Books constantly inspire me. They were my first tangible love. They lift me up and let me escape from the world. Why on earth would I want to ban myself from buying something that brings me so much joy?! I will reiterate my first statement.


Not only that, I have too many unread books on my shelf. Fifty-six (5-6!) to be exact. Well, from the quick count up I’ve done throughout the house because, of course, I have books in more places than one. That’s not including the books on Warren’s bookshelf. I have books that I still haven’t read from Christmas 2018 and probably even before that. I have books that I’ve just found on my quick run-around that I couldn’t wait to read when I bought them and have since forgotten that I own them. I have books that are a little bit unloved at the moment and it doesn’t make me feel so great, especially since that is a lot of unloved money on my shelves that need some TLC. Not only that, but there are so many stories and worlds that are awaiting my turning that very first page.


This is the year that I save hard. I have so many goals that I’ve touched on in this post and my mind is set on achieving them. That means I can’t be spending £7.99 here and £20 there in my favourite store aka Waterstones. That place is a whole other world of loveliness, adventure and possibilities, but it is also that place where I seem to lose control over my senses and say treat yourself, it’s only xyz for the book to end up on a long list of unread books; I could probably schedule it in to be read around May 2021 by the time I finish reading the others. My goals are different this year – I’m not looking to stock up on my personal library nor do I want to buy the latest, greatest book to be written. That being said, I won’t say no to receiving books. I’m allowed to do that.


Which brings me on to my next point. I am very lucky (after years of working hard and putting my name out there in the book blogging world) to be gifted books from publishers such as Ink Road, Titan Books and Penguin Random House. I get the exciting emails and if there is a book that I really like the look of (I don’t request anything and everything – I used to, but quickly realised that if I don’t have that instant connection with the story, I won’t want to read it), I will request a copy in advance to be read in my own time or to take part of a tour of some kind. For book bloggers and for people who adore books, like myself, I feel that this is a really incredible way of finding new stories that you wouldn’t have read normally and helping the publisher and author by promoting their book. Of course, buying their book will help massively too and (FYI) I have gone on to buy authors’ books that I have received beforehand and bought their books before requesting them and so on. Being a part of this industry (no matter how small my role) is something I am truly grateful for and I have found some of my favourite authors through connecting with publishers.

We’re only in the first month and I don’t think I’ve set foot in a book shop just yet, so I think that it’s a little early to say that I’m winning the battle of buying zero books this year. It will be extremely hard. It’s not just the feeling of having a brand new story to read; it’s that exciting feeling when you treat yourself to new things and come home with all your goodies, photograph them (hello, Instagram) and talk about all your expectations. Books are incredible and if it wasn’t for the fact that I want to save a lot of money this year alongside pay my bills and not be broke, I wouldn’t have given up spending my hard-earned money on beautiful stories.

Are you currently going through a no spend month or year? I’d love to know some tips, especially at the crucial crunch point when you’re about to give in!

Love, Faye xo


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