5 Tips For Long Distance Relationships – Tried and Tested

Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel – Unknown.

Having been in two long distance relationships myself (as if you didn’t know that already if you follow this blog, or – more than likely – know me in real life), I think I’ve got the feelings, the tips and the tricks pretty much nailed at this point, although I wouldn’t particularly want to do it again. Ever. Long distance can be incredibly difficult, especially when that light at the end of the tunnel seems so dismal and distant. Every moment can feel like forever and every frustration is worsened because all you want to do is be with your person. During our one year of long distance, Warren and I did so much together, even when we were apart, which helped grow and nurture the relationship immensely. And so, without further ado, here are five tried and tested tips for making that distance seem a little less daunting.


One of the best things Warren and I ever did was choosing a series to devour together at the exact same time – second to second – whilst we were 149 miles apart. We chose Salem which has three seasons full of darkness, witchcraft and monsters, not to mention nail-biting cliff-hangers which means you just have to watch the next episode. It was one of the small moments we most looked forward to. Despite not being in each other’s company, it felt like we were because we experienced the same shock, horror and thrill and constantly messaged each other OMFG, WTF, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! when something incredibly twisted jumped out on screen.


Everybody loves to plan holidays but planning time away with your loved one is even better, and planning time with someone who you want to spend every second with, but can’t, is extra special. During the year that we spent apart, we planned two holidays and multiple weekends away together, not to mention visiting each other at home whenever we could. Having a holiday to look forward to and time away from your normal lives, plus spending quality time together, are memories that you cannot replace.


Anybody who knows me knows I am addicted to my phone. I pretty much run this blog from that small yet mighty device and I always have someone to catch up with. Warren will tell you that I’m on it an alarming amount of time, but when we used to visit each other after not seeing one another for weeks, the phones would be almost confiscated to the bags apart from when I absolutely needed to check in with social media because I don’t think I can go a day without it. Sad, but true. And do you know what? Completely switching off from my phone and the rest of the world was refreshing; it was as if I was on a holiday much further than The Cotswolds or wherever we had both wound up. Taking a step back and being in the moment with someone without having to rely on the device that is your one constant piece of communication with them is pretty epic.


I kid you not, the time Warren and I spent chatting away on Messenger Video Call was unreal. We’d look at the elapsed time and be shocked at clocking up two hours of non-stop talking. This was as frequent as twice a week on average… after a full day of messaging and sending photos and GIFs to each other. Long distance is the test of if you can hold a decent conversation because usually, that’s all you’ve got to go with. Video chats make you feel like the other person is in the room with you and it never feels as though they are miles away, especially when you’ve visited their home and sat in the same spot they are talking to you from. If you’re anything like us, talking for two hours plus will also make time go quicker and before you know it, it’ll be time to jump in the car or on the train (or plane) to go and visit your other half again!


Pull the old romantic out from inside of you and write love letters to each other. Honestly, there is no better feeling of returning home from work and finding a letter has been delivered, especially when you know the handwriting on the envelope by heart. Writing a long message out on messenger is great and being able to communicate instantly is a fantastic way to keep your connection flowing, but taking the time and effort to write a letter (I admit, Warren was far better at it than I was) to your partner is truly remarkable. I miss receiving my letters and reading his words, especially when they were little pieces of magical surprises. Out of all the tips I have for you in this post, sending love letters in my number one.

If you are in a long-distance relationship right now, know that I completely understand the struggle and the pain and even the annoyances that come with it. I hope that these small tips can help ease the pain and make time go that little bit quicker!

What are some of your tried and tested tips for LDRs?

Love Faye xo



  1. February 27, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    You guys are seriously the cutest couple ever! I never knew that you were in a long distance relationship. These are some great tips btw. I was kind of in one when I met the hubby but we only had 2 months apart when we worked on cruise liners. Loved this post and just wanted to find out more:)

    • Faye
      February 27, 2020 / 3:41 pm

      Aw thank you so much!! Yeah we did a year apart before I moved down to be with him 😊 whatever the time period apart, long distance sucks! Thanks for reading ❤

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