5 Fragrances To Make Them Fall In Love With You

Make me a perfume that smells like love – Christian Dior.

Photo contains gifted item from previous work event – not blogging related.


It has been quite a while since I’ve written about perfume, five months in fact. With today being quite the romantic day of love, hearts and roses that smell divine, I thought that I would write about my favourite, yet almost forgotten, love of fragrance. More to the point, five fragrances from my personal collection that will make your Valentine (or secret admirer) fall in love with you all the more.

Fragrance is, and always will be, a personal choice. For me, these five fragrances that I share with you now have a semblance of love about them, whether that is in their colour, their style, their notes or the memories I have attached to their scent. The fragrance that you wear for date night could be emboldened with a dark dominance and deep woody notes that wouldn’t be advertised as lovely and romantic, but to you it is still romantic and the very fragrance that won the heart of your partner. Scent is a huge – obviously – part of what makes the perfume unique, but it is also the memory attached that plays a role in making them fall for you hard. We’ll start with the very fragrance that made Warren fall head over heels for me (although I think my personality, charm and good wits had something to do with it as well)…


I have written many a time about this perfume. I bought it on the way back from my birthday trip to Verona as a treat. It is the fragrance that I wear when I want to feel confident, a little bit sexy (sometimes very sexy) and divine. I wore it to Verity’s wedding (Warren’s sister/my bestie from uni if you didn’t know) and it was a hit with the long-haired gentleman in the black suit. It is of the oriental perfume family which just so happens to be my absolute favourite. The note of sweet almond lays along the top, lifting to reveal a combination of sandalwood, tuberose, iris and jasmine. It settles onto the skin with the final creamy base notes of cacao, tonka bean, vanilla and coffee. It is sweet with a subtle hint of powdery nature and a complete showstopper. You just have to look at the bottle to see that.


“Happiness in a bottle” is the latest sensational line from the House of Dior. It is sweet, vibrant and serene with a combination of Grasse Rose, jasmine, sandalwood and white musks, all of which thread together to create a scent that is alluring and fun. It captures what it means to be joyful, to want to jump into a swimming pool in a four-figure dress – or in nothing at all – and it settles on the skin so subtly that you almost forget it is there. I wasn’t convinced of this perfume when we first received the Top Secret boxes at The Perfume Shop. The bottle was beautiful with the delicate combination of pink and silver, but it didn’t stand out as a WOW-Factor fragrance. It wasn’t until I started to learn about the ingredients and the history of the fragrance that I began to see its true worth. Now, whenever I need an instant pick-me-up, this is the fragrance I will spray and with that my whole attitude changes to pure happiness which is what you attract in the people you meet whether they are romantically inclined or not.


Unwrapping a new fragrance brings me incredible joy, especially one as beautiful and surprising as Flowerbomb Bloom. I have never been so much a floral kinda girl when it comes to fragrances, but this one hits the spot; it will knock anybody’s socks off when they smell you (in a non-creepy way) for the first time. It is a floral floriental with notes that comprise of juicy pomegranate accord, bermagot and mandarin oils which make your mouth water alongside a heart filled with the iconic floral bouquet containing Centifolia rose, sambac jasmine, orchid and Osmanthus. The beautiful scent ends with musk, vanilla and patchouli – the classic oriental notes that allow the fragrance to settle beautifully against the skin. Flowerbomb Bloom is a fun fragrance that can be worn on dates whether they are the first or the hundredth and it will always be a sweet and succulent surprise.


La Vie Est Belle was one of the very first fragrances I fell in love with when I started working with perfume. It is a gourmand perfume with an almost sickly-sweet scent that makes your mouth water. Its powdery notes soften the smell and it makes for a beautiful, romantic perfume that you can imagine wearing along the cobbled streets of Paris under the stars. Whilst the eau de parfum version is the clear favourite, this eau de toilette version is more luminous with a fresh take on its sister. The fragrance contains magnolia essence, iris pallida alongside white flowers and patchouli, all spun together in a magical thread of subtle beauty and surprising extravagance. Unfortunately, La Vie Est Belle EDT has since been discontinued, but the EDP version lives on and although my preferred type lives in the shadows, it is certainly iconic in its own right.


Another sex on legs (but in a bottle) kinda fragrance. This oozes glamour, sex appeal and a confidence that every woman should have. I have the original bottles of Olympia from the year it was launched (2015), and I am pretty certain the scent has changed ever so slightly. I’m not sure why as I prefer the original in all its Greek goddess glory, but that is what happens sometimes. Regardless, this is a stunning perfume that I declare as a firm favourite. It is unusual which is exactly why I love it because some people can’t stand the smell and wonder what is so special about the combination of ginger lily, jasmine and sea salt. It is a rich, beautiful scent that makes you hold your head up higher, perfect for landing a god or goddess-like figure in your life such as, perhaps, Thor or Aquaman…

Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day, wear a fragrance that makes you feel undeniably beautiful and carry on wearing that fragrance because it will make you carry yourself mightily as well as give you confidence in yourself. And, it’s always nice to have a (non-creepy) compliment on how lovely you smell whether it comes from your other half or a stranger in the street.


What are your favourite Valentine’s fragrances to wear?

Love, Faye xo



  1. February 14, 2020 / 8:38 am

    They all sound so amazing and I’m loving the photography style too 🙂 amazing post

    • Faye
      February 14, 2020 / 8:41 am

      Thank you!! It was a quick snap that I turned stylistic! 😍 so glad it worked 💕

    • Faye
      February 22, 2020 / 10:14 am

      Some of my absolute favourites!! Thank you xxxx

  2. makeupmuddle
    March 13, 2020 / 5:57 pm

    I honestly love all five of these, but I think the V&R would have to be my favourite! It’s just stunning xo

    Makeup Muddle

    • Faye
      March 14, 2020 / 9:01 am

      You have fab taste! Yeah I love V&R too! I prefer Bloom to the original though 😍

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