Five Years Of Fayebeline

If you look really closely , most overnight successes took a long time – Steve Jobs.

I can’t quite believe I’m typing the words of this blog post. I have been creating, writing and promoting this platform for five whole years (and three days). I remember the exact moment I opened up WordPress once again (third time lucky) whilst sitting on my bed at home. I picked the free template that I liked the most and began to create a site that would change in style and content over the years. What started out as a place to showcase my writing has turned into an extension of myself. These pages are where you’ll find some of the rarest moments in my life that I share online, my travel diaries of Australia, Indonesia and Europe as well as all the books that I read.

Through blogging, I have had so many opportunities, especially in the world of publishers, authors and their wonderful stories. I am utterly grateful to receive books in advance, to create content about them and promote them to friends, family and followers alike. I have grown in confidence, made connections and continue to grow at a slow but steady pace.

Am I where I thought I would be? I thought I would have made more of an impact on more people. It is a hard thing to admit, but I am a little disappointed I haven’t grown as much as I have wanted to, especially after five years of hard work. I can’t help but compare myself to other bloggers, newer and older, who seem to blossom and grow. Nevertheless, as we all know – comparison is the thief of joy. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped trying or I am about to throw in the towel. I love this little blog of mine and I know that I have helped people I know and love, even strangers, in some small way with my words. Receiving messages to say that they relate or that I have made them feel better is an incredible feeling, the best that I could ever get from blogging. For that, I’d say I’m right where I should be.

Blogging has, undoubtedly, shaped me as a person. I am more determined than I ever thought I could be. I am extremely organised (although that still flitters in and out on occasion) with posts and writing, editing and scheduling. I am focused and passionate about Fayebeline as more than a blog, although the blog itself will always be my main priority. I have expanded my horizons in terms of style, reading and topics of conversation and I’ve met incredible people who continue to inspire me daily.

This blog has always had a primary focus on being an outlet of thoughts and over the years, I’m lucky enough to say that blogging has given me some amazing highlights, so without further ado…


Technically, this hasn’t happened yet, but it is in motion for next month. All I can say is watch this space for a bookish blog tour at the end of April.

Working regularly with Titan Books and Ink Road Books and finding new reads that I completely fall in love with.

Sharing my love for Tenerife in a collaboration with Balearic and Canary Islands via Traverse Events.

Creating a series of blog posts to promote a local charity event with The Perfume Shop in 2016.

Technically not to do with blogging, but meeting Victoria, Inthefrow, in 2017 was a definite highlight.

My very first gifted collaboration with a local jewellery designer in 2016. I couldn’t believe I was getting sent something to write about.

Working on more regular gifted and paid content 2019/2020.

Completing Blogtober 2019 through blood, sweat, tears and sheer determination… even when I was practically bedbound.

This blog kinda got me my current job (or at least played a big role in it).

Finding all of the wonderful, like-minded people who I genuinely have a connection with in the blogging world.

& I am sure many, many more that I cannot think of right now.

A huge thank you to everyone who has read, commented, liked or shared this blog. It means the absolute world. Let’s see what the next five hold!

Love, Faye xo


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