How To Make Mother’s Day Special When You Can’t Be With Them

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face – George Eliot.

This weekend, my mum was supposed to be coming to visit to celebrate Mother’s Day and her birthday – with both occasions being two days apart, it made perfect sense – something that we have both been looking forward to for quite some time. I had planned on making the weekend extra special, but with COVID-19 on the rise, we both thought it best that she didn’t travel down to see me. Obviously I’m gutted that I can’t spend crucial quality time with my mum, especially as we see a lot less of each other these days (we went from being in each other’s pockets to almost 150 miles apart), but that doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day can’t be just as special. As I was thinking of things that I can do from a distance, it struck me to write them down in a blog post and share with you all, just in case you aren’t able to visit your mums and grandmas for whatever reason, be it Coronavirus, living on the other side of the world or not having the funds to go and visit right now.


Cliché but classic. What mum doesn’t love flowers? I know mine does, especially when they come as a surprise through the letterbox. My absolute favourite company who wins at this hands-down every single time is Bloom & Wild. Ever since they exploded onto the scene in 2013, they have made people smile with their beautiful flowers as well as shown their true compassion for their customers. Letterbox flowers will instantly brighten your mum’s day as well as her lovely home.


Go old school and write a letter. Your mum might never have received a letter from you that wasn’t in the form of a postcard or a long message via your phone. Today’s technology and digital world is fantastic for keeping in touch, especially in times that we are living through right now. Nevertheless, a letter from the heart that you have carefully taken the time to write will be received with so much love, you might just get one back. Imagine being pen pals with your mum?! I’d love that.


Or Facetime, video call via Whatsapp or Messenger. Just seeing each other’s faces will help massively, especially if this isn’t how you communicate often. Seeing each other laugh and smile will instantly brighten your day and for those thirty minutes, or hour, you’ll feel as though you’re in the same room. Maybe you could even make the same meal for tea and eat at the same time so there’s the extra element of making it a special occasion.


The future is filled with uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan something exciting. I will still be planning the same thing that I wanted to do with my mum this weekend, but it’ll just have to be postponed for a while. Also, now is a great time to buy gift vouchers from your local independents for future use! Think restaurants, cafes, salons and more. The independent and small businesses are being hit astonishingly. There is so much unease in the air, so helping out anybody who runs their own business to keep their lives afloat will mean so much to them.


Constantly messaging throughout the day with fun GIFS, emojis, things you’ve seen on social media and happy news clips will make you feel as though you’re spending it together and will also keep the positivity flowing. It doesn’t have to be every second of the day, but every once in a while it’s lovely to open your phone to a message from your mum/daughter/son that will bring a smile to your face.


With the supermarkets and shops being inundated with buyers and little to no stock of certain items, think of some of the things that she may need but can’t get a hold of, or buy her favourite chocolate, candle scent or magazine and send them in a care package. It’ll certainly make her day and save her a bit of stress that isn’t needed in a time like this.

Make this Mother’s Day special wherever you are in the world and however far apart you are from each other. The smallest, thoughtful details count when it comes to mums and they will love whatever effort you put in for this Sunday.

How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Love, Faye xo


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