Thoughts On Staying At Home, Giving Up Chocolate & Trying To Be A Better Person

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens – Mandy Hale.

Before I started working from home, I always dreamed of having the freedom to do whatever I wanted (within reason). I could work from my bed, stay in comfy clothes all day, decide when I was most productive, finally get ahead with the mountain of washing. And then, I started working from home. Don’t get me wrong, it has been great for the most part. I’ve been able to enjoy my own coffee as I read through emails of a morning. I’ve been in complete loungewear for the majority of the week and I’ve managed to pop to the post office before it closes for the day. The thirty second commute is exceptionally helpful with saving time, money and my tyres which are living life on the edge at the moment. The first day was fantastic: my day went really quick, I got a couple of household chores done and I was productive. The second day, I missed being around my colleagues. The banter and the jokes echoed around my empty living room with one lonely laugh. The third day was better and I got a whole load of washing done which would have been at the bottom of my to do list until the weekend had I been at the office. There are definitely ups and downs. It’s lonely being in the house all day by yourself, but that’s what phones and social media is for. Friends, family and bloggers have already messaged to say we can video call or Facetime whenever. I’ve spoken to my mum and my dad and cousin on the phone. Warren is home of an evening. I’m lucky in a lot of ways.

And then comes the not-so-great part. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go home again. I won’t be seeing family and friends up north for a while, and maybe even down here. It obviously depends on how long the UK are in this situation. Warren and I had planned to go home for Easter and I have plans to spend five days at home for my birthday in May (those will probably change) and now we’re in a bit of limbo. I know that so many people are in the same situation and it is comforting to know that we’re not alone, that we’re all in our houses trying to do the best we can and stay sane throughout it all. If anybody would like a separate blog post on tips to stay sane, or things to do, let me know and I’ll come up with a fun one! I plan on spending even more time on the phone (I know, how is that possible when I spend so much time on it anyway?!) whilst trying to also have a few moments (seconds or minutes, maybe even an hour) a day to completely zone out and forget what is happening for a little while.



So this comes nicely onto the fact that this is probably the worst time to give up some of the little things in life that make us happy, like chocolate and crisps. I decided to give up all forms of chocolate (even the hot kind) and crisps for Lent this year. It amazes me that I haven’t quit yet. There are still three weeks to go and I thought that I’d be almost done by now. I have to say (even though I get really bad cravings and all I want to do is watch a film and stuff my face with chocolate) that I feel so much better in my body and my mind for not eating so much sugar or fat. It has made my skin clearer. I’ve lost weight. I’ve toned a little bit more. I don’t feel tired or sluggish. I might, might, try and keep this up after Easter and see if I can eat significantly less chocolate and crisps to continue to feel better in myself… maybe.

As for today, I think I may have woken up a little too early for my liking (6.30am on a Saturday when I don’t have to be up) because I find myself saying the wrong things and quite honestly, acting a little selfishly, in a time that it is paramount to be selfless, to spread kindness and to help out. Everyday, we strive to be the best versions of ourselves and here I am looking at that best version of myself and not being her. So, from this moment on I’m going to think a little more positively, think before I speak, think before I act – I’m terrible for just acting on impulse and sometimes that’s good. Other times, it’s really not. I’m not perfect, but I’m going to try to be better. That’s all we can ask of ourselves and each other.

Today, I just felt like rambling and laying down some thoughts. It helps and I hope it helps you too. I’d really love to know how you’re feeling in all of this. If you want a pick-me-up or a chat, I’ll be watching Netflix or Say Yes to the Dress practically all weekend so don’t hesitate to send me a message or even email me if you want to. I love a good email!

Keep smiling and stay safe.

Love, Faye xo


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