Lockdown Made Me Do It – Starting IGTV

There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort – Jane Austen.

It seems like everybody is going old school in the ways of blogging and social media and I am here for it. This blog has always been my space to just ramble and chat about whatever comes to mind as I type away and now it is the kind of content that people have fallen back in love with. This post comes to you after creating four (almost five) IGTV videos in the space of 24 hours. I do not know what came over me yesterday afternoon, but I fancied setting up the phone, downloading a video editing app and recording myself chat shit whilst I did my makeup. Safe to say I was not impressed when the thirty-five minute video completely disappeared. Thank you (not really) phone with limited to zero storage capacity. I won’t lie, yesterday wasn’t the best day of the week. I think I started to get itchy feet and was second guessing myself a lot and then that… well, that just topped it off.

I managed to film a quick three minute video instead which was filled with rambles and a quick show of the products I put on my face, half of which are older than is healthy. I probably should not used of the products, but c’est la vie, I’m not the kinda girl who updates her makeup bag a lot. Then came the task of saving it, uploading it and trying to get it on my actual feed. Considering I pride myself in blogging and am obsessed with social media, I’m not very good at figuring out new trends and I am always late to the game… let’s not talk about TikTok. Finally, I got the video up and it has started a whole new obsession that is sure to keep me entertained throughout this period of 2020.

So far I have created a travel diary of one of mine and Warren’s favourite trips using videos that I’ve never shared before. We’ve also filmed the classic The Boyfriend Tag, shortly followed by a quick change of jumper and swapping seats to film The Girlfriend Tag. I’m trying to decide when to upload them because I don’t want to just post them all straightaway. One, I know that I’ll hate how it looks on my feed (poor me, I know) and two I want to spread out the fun so that it mixes with my usual photos. Plus, if I post two in the space of a week, I know I’m covered for the next two weeks, at least. Not that I don’t have time to film more because let’s face it, time is all I have right now. Apart from the usual Monday to Friday working hours.

IGTV is something that I’ve always loved consuming, but I’ll be honest – I’ve never thought anything I create would be deemed “good enough” or content-worthy, especially to the standard that I would love to create, but I do not have the equipment to be making something so magical. Nevertheless, I can chat a lot (of crap) and I can have fun making videos and hopefully make people laugh, especially during a time that we all need that little bit of an escape from reality. So, if you want to see some video content, find me at instagram.com/fayebelinexo and let me know the kind of creative posts you’d love to see from me, whether it’s about relationships, books or general life chats.


I hope you’re all staying safe!

Love, Faye xo


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