The Next Five Books

I read a book one day and my whole life was changed – Orhan Pamuk.

As we find ourselves spending more and more time at home with endless hours of the day that can be gone in a flash, I am lured to my bookshelf and all of the unread stories with pages that await to come alive at a single touch. And yet, when it comes to sitting down, taking a breather and allowing the cool air to slow as I get lost among characters that are foolish, strong, hopeless and hopeful, I get so distracted by the simplest of things that I cannot concentrate on the page long enough. It is as though my mind is buzzing, busy and constantly flits from one thing to another. Nevertheless, I see so many people sharing what they are reading, the lives they are consuming and I want to be a part of that feeling once more. So, in a new series dedicated to the books that remain untouched, I am sharing the next five books that I want to read… unless I (more-than-likely) change my mind.


This is a gifted book from Titan Books. The long-awaited sequel (of eleven months) of The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman is the The Deck of Omens. I am re-reading the gruesome and spine-tingling first part to the story just so I can continue it straightaway. I remember the urge I had to continue reading the phantom pages that did not exist because I wanted to know what happened next. I have not read the blurb of the next book because I want to be surprised and enthused as I turn each page. It is a trait that I have picked up from booktubers and other avid readers – it makes the journey intense and unforgettable. I know that it will contain an unbreakable bond between people who have been through the worst in life and overcome it as well as twists, turns and a pair of eyes that glow in nightmares.


This is one of those books that has been left on my bookshelf to collect dust for far too long. It is a magnificent book and its sheer size is something that delays my reading of it. A mammoth book to match – undoubtedly – a mammoth story of betrayal, sisterhood and royalty. I have read the blurb to this one and from what I can remember, it is a barbaric fight to the crown between three sisters. This will be one of those books that I will have to concentrate on with the entirety of my mind whilst forgetting everything that goes on around me… it seems fitting – and the perfect escape – for the current climate.


I will admit, I don’t quite understand how or why I haven’t read this book yet. It is the sequel to the illustrious, magical, inhuman story that begins in The Cruel Prince. I have made guesses as to what will happen, but apparently each guess I make is nowhere near the truth. If I can’t see it coming, the twist and turns that come alive beyond the words must be of an extravagant and pure nature. It will be a grand story to continue during the spring months whilst the world begins to grow once more… faeries and their kingdoms should always be read during the magical turn of the season when change is on the inevitable brink and suspends through the earth.


I have always been slow to follow popular books that everyone and their socials are indulging in. One of the most-talked-about authors, or so it seemed, last year was Sally Rooney and her novel Normal People which I shall get to in a moment. I always assumed her books were of the memoir variety, an insight into her own life and relationships. I am not a huge fan of memoirs, always preferring fiction and characters that are based on fact, but have a mind of their own. When I quickly scanned the blurb (although now forgotten), I found that it was a story of love and friendship, something modern and sweet that I haven’t found on my bookshelf for a long time. After angst, death and fantasy, this will be a welcome retreat back to the normality of contemporary fiction.


As I said, this book is one that flew around social media over and over again, proving its unmistakable popularity with readers everywhere. I am not one for consuming a trend, always following too late for it to be called trendy, but this way, I do not know what journey lies ahead with this book. Again, I scanned the blurb and saw friendship and love… two of the most loved themes in any story; set in Ireland, it will be a welcome escape from the reality that we find ourselves in, but the kind that has that edge of normality that we so crave.

I have specifically lined these books on my window sill beside my bed so that they are almost certainly my next read books. This way, the overbearing shadows of my piles and lines of books that are scattered across the house won’t appear so large in volume. I have five to focus on whilst the rest of the books can lay to rest for a little while longer.


What books will you be reading next? Do you have a specific number or title in mind or will you be picking something that is a glint in your eye when the time is right?

Love, Faye xo


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