Book Review #95 – The Wicked King

This is everything I feared when I came up with this stupid plan in the first place – Holly Black.

Just flicking through the book to find a quote makes me want to experience this entire trilogy all over again. I only completed it a couple of weeks ago and my mind craves faerie magic, cruel, black eyes and a human girl who might just be the most powerful being in the entire land. As I wrote in my review for The Cruel Prince, this is a story that is like faerie fruit to humans. It injects you with a frenzy and no matter how much you have, you will never be satiated. With The Wicked King, it is the same, but ten-fold. I didn’t want the book to end, which – spoiler alert – is why I ordered the final of the series The Queen of Nothing to arrive less than twenty-four hours after I finished The Wicked King.

The sequel begins five months into Jude’s new role as the king’s seneschal, the right-hand woman of High King Cardan, the person she loathes most in the entire world. She is trying to keep the crown on his head whilst making plans for the future of Faerie that align in her favour. Of course, there are obstacles plentiful and enemies in plain sight, including the ever-growing tension between land and sea.

The tension between Jude and Cardan is at an absolute maximum. I cannot express to you how much I am obsessed with these two characters. If I take a step back and look at their relationship in terms of normality, it is not a relationship I could condone. If I were Jude’s friend, I’d be telling her to get the hell out of there and run back to the human world, but it is the world of fantasy and young adult. Angst between characters is a goldmine for grabbing readers’ attention. Jude and Cardan have a little piece of my heart for their messed-up love and I would happily read many more books about them, including these ones, over and over again in the future. The core of my feeling about these two is that I really did not see it coming. I could feel the hatred and the rage spitting off the pages as I read the first book, even through The Wicked King. They say there is a fine line between love and hate. These two characters prove that notion with every crucial second they spend together.

Once again, Holly Black delicately weaves strands of her story, pieces of Fey history and culture of this fantasy world together with such an awareness and brilliance that the story is seamless. Victoria Aveyard calls Holly Black “the Faerie Queen”; she is the goddess of Faerie in my eyes. Her world comes alive and the colours, the feelings, the anticipation, the tastes, the very echoes of this land are completely mesmerising. It is a vivid dream and one that a part of you, no matter how horrified, don’t want to wake up from.


Have you read The Wicked King? Are you as utterly obsessed with it as I am?

Love, Faye xo


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