The Various Stages of Lockdown

Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you – Leonardo DiCaprio.

What a year 2020 has been so far. That is pretty much how we’ll all some up the past four months. Flying to Bucharest in January feels like it could have happened years ago, not six months ago. I remember when we first went into lockdown. It was Warren’s birthday week; the weekend before we had a house party with our friends and then all of a sudden, we were all banned from seeing each other and had to work from home. It was a surreal feeling, especially as Warren was then furloughed. Lockdown has had its highs and its lows for the entire world. I’ve been very lucky to not lose any friends or family members to this dreadful disease. I cannot imagine the pain of losing someone to this. I think that’s why part of this entire experience feels surreal whilst the other part feels like it is completely normal. This is a waffly post – maybe that’s what’s needed to tip-toe back into the blogging realm, not that I’m making any promises. I have four major stages of lockdown and I’d love to know what yours are too…


At the beginning, I think loads of people wanted to push more content out there, do more things with all this extra time and make use of the lack of work or commute. Do you remember the TikToks, the banana bread, the Joe Wicks (is that his name?!) P.E. sessions? Obviously I’ve been working throughout the pandemic so I haven’t been as productive as others with these kind of things, but I certainly kept up with my daily Instagram photos, was constantly on my stories trying to engage with my followers and kept up blogging for the most part. Then, a month or two past and I just fell out of love with everything blog-wise. The productive stage for me was over pretty quickly.


I well and truly went into this stage with all guns blazing. Five to six workouts a week without fail, continuous sweaty selfies and seeing my body change inch by inch. It did wonders for my confidence, self-love and general fitness levels. I still stand by Pamela Reif’s workouts, but the whole fitness fanatic part of lockdown was definitely a stage. Don’t get me wrong, I still screenshot her weekly workouts, but the chance of me completing a full week is slim to none. I’ve gotten into a more relaxed version of lockdown that doesn’t need to be continuously active nor show every single workout, let alone aspect of life, on Instagram stories. Maybe I’ll get back into this stage soon, depending on how long I’m working from home for.


I’m not sure I’d call it “afraid of going out” – although maybe it was – but a big part of me felt far more comfortable staying indoor in the safety of my home. I still do. I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t want to come into contact with anyone or whether I’m just lazy and have found true comfort in my couch and bed. Probably the latter. I won’t lie, for a time, this entire pandemic has played on my mind constantly and it caused a lot of worries. I’ve heard and read that a lot of people have felt the same and that it’s completely normal to be comfortable to stay home where it is safe. I definitely feel more open to going out and getting back to normal now and a part of that is because we don’t really hear anything about COVID in the news or from the government. I’ll hold my hands up and say, it does feel like it’s gone now because we don’t have regular updates or don’t tune in to as many news bulletins. I know that COVID is still around and probably will be for a long time, but it’s almost normalized now, especially as the world opens up again and more and more brands and bulletins state “we’re back to normal!”


I’m in a place where I love working from home – I could do this all year round, or the majority of it. I have my own little routine; it’s not perfected even now, but I feel like the days don’t drag and I’m not going stir crazy anymore. I feel like I make more time for myself instead of pressuring myself to blog or read or do something productive once the working day is over. Well, I don’t do it as much. Take Blogtober for example, I could not force myself to do that now. I appreciate my time so much more and there is more to life than this blog, as much as it has been my baby for five years. Instead, my weekends are filled with coffee, books, and even bike rides.

Right now, I’m embracing the slower way of living, appreciating the little things, reading for fun rather than with a book review in mind, keeping in better contact with friends and family and watching so much Buffy, I’m surprised I don’t dream about vampires and slayers. It took over four months, but I’ve found a happy balance. Of course, there have been plenty of ups and downs through this – my experience has been far from ideal or perfect – but in terms of blog, work and fitness, this has been my lockdown life.

How’s lockdown life been for you?

Love, Faye xo


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